Online EPF Transfer and Withdrawal

Online EPF Transfer and Withdrawal facility help the employees more than the expected. This small initiative can increase the retirement saving considerably. The hassle of EPF transfer forces people to withdraw it or just leave the amount in the account. These inactive accounts don’t earn any interest. Online EPF Transfer and Withdrawal reduces this hassle. Hence now onward you should not delay.

You can start your online transfer of EPF right now.  This will result in a greater saving. In Practice majority of the employees don’t transfer the amount after changing the job. According to Employees’ Provident Fund rules if you are only changing the job you can’t withdraw the amount. But to avoid the hassle employer as well as employees, both gives a false undertaking of unemployment. Hopefully, this will end by online EPF transfer and withdrawal.

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In this article, I will tell you-

  1. How Online PF Transfer eases your hassle
  2. How Online PF Transfer Process Works
  3. How You Can Transfer PF Online Yourself
  4. What About Online EPF Withdrawal Process

Online EPF transfer and withdrawal, Provident Fund

Benefits Of Online EPF Transfer And Withdrawal

  •  This service makes transfer and withdrawal of the EPF transparent. The employee can track its application just by one click. They are not required to go from one desk to another.
  •  All the Applications of Online EPF Transfer and Withdrawal will be tracked centrally from the Delhi office. This makes regional PF officials more accountable.
  •  Application processing is faster. Now you can expect your PF transfer in 3 weeks.  Now EPFO Employees are required to data feed the physical application. This saves time.
  • Now it is the responsibility of EPFO to get the response from the employers. Usually after the resignation of the employee, the employer becomes reluctant to do paperwork for him. Now he has to only attest the application form just by one click.
  • Also, because of online application, there would be less error. This also makes application processing faster.

How Online EPF Transfer Works

Employee provident fund organization is the custodian of your Provident Fund. It invests your money in safe option so that you can get assured return after the retirement. But you have not to directly deal with it. Rather your employer deals with it. Your employer do the paper work, authenticate and deduct mandatory contribution from your salary.

Unlike Banks or any financial institution EPFO does not ask for any KYC documents for authentication, rather employer authenticates you.

In case of EPF transfer or withdrawal EPFO acts only after your employer’s authentication. Earlier this was done by physical paper.

You used to give the application form to the employer. Employers used to verify and send to the regional PF office. In the EPF office also files used to move at snail pace.

  • But in the online process you submit your application directly to the EPFO. Since it is in digital form, it is simultaneously sent to the regional PF office, your previous employer and present employer.
  • Now regional PF office tracks application with the employer.
  • Your employer(s) gets the message of application. Now it has to attest it. The Attestation authenticates the identity of the employee.
  • On the other hand employer itself also has to satisfy that the original employee has applied for PF transfer or withdrawal. That is why you have to submit signed hard copy of your application with the employer.
  • After this assurance, employer attest your application with the its digital signature. The employer does this process at the EPFO portal. The employer keeps your hard copy for the record.
  • Now EPFO has to work on the processing of transfer or withdrawal. \
  • If EPF transfer involves two PF offices, the EPF transfer process takes more time.
  • The application is sent from one office to another office. If you check the PF transfer status on this time, the message would be that transfer application is in the transit between in office and out office. This step takes maximum time of EPF transfer becuase some offices are slow in the processing.
  •  Also, your employer can also take several days just to attest the form. Therefore, online EPF transfer also takes 3-4 weeks.

Online EPF Transfer And withdrawal Actual Process

  • Your first step is to check eligibility for online transfer. This facility may not available for some people as few organizations have not given their digital signature yet. Between your past and present employer, one should have given the digital signature.
  • The employee can Fill the application form on the online EPF transfer page of EPFO website.
  • After Submission of application You have to download the printable application form. You have to submit this application form either to your present or past employer. This process is to validate that real employee is trying to transfer the EPF amount.
  • On the other side, copy of the application will directly go to the employer who has the digital signature. Another copy will go to the respective regional PF office.
  • After the verification from the employer(s), EPF will be transferred. EPFO commissioner also said that if required there would be provision of penalty also.

 The employee can also submit a Physical Application in his regional PF office for the transfer or withdrawal of EPF.

Instruction Video of Online EPF Transfer

There is a nice video of online EPF transfer procedure. This video gives live instruction of every step. The video is uploaded of EPFO itself.


What About Online EPF Withdrawal Process

Earlier EPFO announced that it will start the online EPF transfer and withdrawal process simultaneously. But it could not start any service on time. Earlier, the whole initiative was stuck due to the unavailability of digital signatures. Then EPFO was waiting for the universal account number. Now this number has been given to the 4 crore employees.

But, mere UAN could not make online EPF withdrawal process a reality. Indeed, EPFO does not want to take any risk. It is wary of the fraud.

Therefore, EPFO wanted to link the KYC of the member with the UAN. In this regard, employers are not cooperating, they are not verifying KYC of its employees.

The Aadhar can be very helpful for online EPF withdrawal. It has the biometric information. But, members and employers are slow to link their Adhaar number with UAN.

Because of the supreme court’s decision EPFO can’t make Aadhar mandatory. Hence, it can only wait. Also, EPFO does not want to introduce the online EPF withdrawal in a hurry.

However, we can hope that online EPF withdrawal would be implemented soon. Lately, EPFO has rapidly endorsed the online facilities. Now you can download your PF passbook and check your PF balance online. The EPFO also launched a mobile application. The UAN portal has made the employee’s life very easy.

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Universal Account Number

Finally, EPFO has introduced the PF number portability. The Portable number is being called universal account number.  It will make the PF transfer much easier. In this initiative, every employee is  allotted a unique number.  This number will work wherever they get employed within the India. So there will not be any need to even transfer the PF from one account to another. You can know the allotment status of your universal account number online. Your employer should tell this number. If the  employer doesn’t tell the UAN number you can know it online as well.

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 What Should You Do

If your employer has given the digital signature, then you must go through the online pf transfer process. Either offline EPF transfer process is still there.  It is not advisable to withdraw the PF money after changing the job. Retirement saving should be in the inaccessible account.

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Online EPF transfer has made our life easy. Now you must transfer  your PF instead of EPF withdrawal, because PF transfer also saves your tax.

Now I am waiting for the online process of loan from the PF account. Let us see when will EPFO implement it.

What do you think online transfer and withdrawal will change the perception about the EPFO? Will people save more money for the retirement after this facility? How EPFO process made it tough to get or transfer your money. Share it

I am the person behind this Blog. I started this blog just to share useful information. After getting overwhelming response this pastime became my passion. Job with CNBC Awaaz also helped me to explore the world of Investment, Saving, Insurance, and Tax. Now I am a full-time personal finance blogger.

  • Raghavendra Challa

    Hi Chandrakanth .. Thanks for sharing the valuable info .. Can you please respond to my query ..

    Previously I worked with a IT firm Hyderabad, but it has PF trust in MH/BANDRA (maharashtra). Now, I am with another company in Hyderabad. Both the companies generated 2 UAN numbers.

    So should I submit my EPF withdrawal forms to regional office in Hyderabad or to Bandra office ..? Please respond.

  • Meera

    Hello sir, presently I am not working in any organisation but i want to withdraw previous company’s pf amount. so how can i , because in this withdrawel form it is must to enter present pf number and i dont have that . please help me as soon as possible

  • Rupchand mali

    hello sir i have joined pf in 2013 but my company not update my document please help mi online update document and pf withdrawal process

  • Ashok Gupta

    I have joined PF in 1985, but as per latest visit to Gurgaon PF office I came to know that as per their records my joining is 1997. will it will effect my per month pension amount ? I have with me all PF slips till date. Please guide me ? Rgds Ashok Gupta

  • Ulhas Patil

    Simple question, I was with Wipro spectramind for three years and left in July 2008. I never ever calimed or transfered my PF account, I checked my salary slip no UAN number is available. Also my mobile number is change now,
    I checked with employer [Wipro] however they are not helping me and giving unrealistic answers.
    Is there a way to check my PF amount and also would it be able for me to withdraw it.
    Please check and let me know.
    Ulhas Patil

  • Deepak

    Thank you so much Mr. Chandrakant, your blog really helps lots of people interested to know about EPF as it has been always a complicated process. i have gone thru your blog and what i understood is the withdrawal is still not online and we have to apply it offline. please correct me if i am not on same page.

    With the latest verdict as on 20 April 2016, the PF withdrawal (i.e. employee contribution + employer contribution + pension ) is possible now till another 3 months without any tax ? please correct me if i misunderstood.

    i was in IT since 13 years and in my last company i was there for 5 years and then i moved onsite and joined back in mar 2015 and quit the company in july 2015. i have below queries:

    1) whether my withdrawal (employee contribution + employer contribution + pension) is possible ?
    2) whether my withdrawal will be taxable ? if yes then how much %age of tax deduction ?
    3) please explain the procedure for this withdrawal (employee contribution + employer contribution + pension).

  • Shanu Barsagade

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for starting such a blog.I want to know how can I withdraw my pf amount through online portal pls advice.

  • Yaser Suhail

    Hello Sir,

    I worked for a company in 2012 and I forget to claim my PF from my previous employer. My question is: Can I still go ahead and file my claim now? If yes, will there be any interest till the date of claim or will I be given until the last date of working with my previous employer. Please advise.

  • kadam raju jijaba

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for starting such a blog.I want to know how can I withdraw my pf amount through online portal pls advice.

  • shabana

    I left my job Dec 2015 .Iam completed to submitted pf paper but ihave not received pf I call pf office he told employer share will transfer after 65 age that soft wear updation is not available bcz pf processes stop.How can widraw pf full amout online plz reply me

  • suraj

    hello sir,

    i am working with A Company last 5 years. can i withdraw full amt (employee + employer + pension share) of PF online without signature in employer.please help for this matter. i am already frustrated relating Downpayment for Home, if possible Please Call Me- 9867701204

  • Amit suryawanshi


    I have transferred my PF from old employer to new employer pf account in 17th Nov 2015.

    for the past 4 months the current status is showing as “request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office

    Please suggest what I have to now?
    Contac: 08123044898

  • priyanka saha

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for starting such a blog.I want to know how can I withdraw my pf amount through online portal pls advice.

  • Kiran

    Hi Chandra,
    I am about to leaving the company. I have my UAN and PF details. I would like to withdraw the whole amount around (~3.5 lakhs) in the month of April/May 2016. Can you please tell me the procedure to withdraw. Thanks

  • Sandeep

    Dear Chandrakant Mishra,

    Thank you for starting this blog. I have worked for 2 years with Company A and then stopped working. I have some amount accumulated to my PF account I have all the details of my UAN number my PF account. I can in fact see the amount accumulated. But is there a way to transfer the amount from my PF account to my personal account.

  • Harunar Rashid

    Dear Mr,Chandrakant.sir,
    i have resigned my Previous Job on 21 Jan 2016 but till now my PF not clear by Employer What should do in this case, Is their any process to claim my PF withdrawal online without any interruption of previous Employer, Pls suggest

  • Mahesh Potdar

    Dear Mr. Chandrakant,
    First of all congrats and thank you very much for starting this blog, i hope till date many people must have get benefited with this blog.
    Now i want to know from you that, I have changed 3-4 compines from 2001 to 2015 and i have not withdrawn or transfer my PF/EPF it is still as it is. Now i want to know that Can i transfer my all 3-4 PF/EPF accounts money to my new acoount with my present job? Pl guide and help me in this.
    Best Regards,
    Mahesh Potdar.
    Email id: [email protected]

  • satheesh

    Hi sir,
    How many day online transfer to claim to another PF account number sir please tell me

  • surya tiwari

    Hi sir
    iI want to online withdrawal my pf amount .plz sagusset me,

  • sarita

    Hi Mr.Chandrakant,

    I had given my bank passbook copy for transfer of my PF claim money to my personal bank account. Now my employer said i will require to activate my UAN, which i will do shortly. My question is ; will i get back my pf amount to my bank account? or still some more procedure is left from the employer side?. will i have to submit some more documents?. I am currently out of India.

    • Hi Sarita

      You will get the amount in your bank account. There should not be any other requirement.


  • Sumit

    Hello Chandrakant,

    I have purchased a home and want to withdraw PF for same reason. I am working with Company B.

    Below are my work details
    Company A – 1 years – No PF deduction
    Company B – 4.6 years – Located in Pune and registered with Pune PF office
    Company C – 1.3 years – Locate in Pune but registered with Bangalore PF office

    My PF is transferred from Company A to B. I have UAN and registered it with EPFO. Both the employers are listed under EPFO portal with all correct details.

    As of now I am ready with
    1. Self attested photocopies of PAN, Aadhaar Card.
    2. A cancelled cheque.
    3. Filled Form-31 and Form-31 Declaration.
    4. Also have written a letter requesting to withdrawal.

    Hope this will be sufficient.

    1. Whether I can withdraw my PF?
    2. What will be tax deducted?
    3. I will be applying form Pune, will Bangalore office cooperate?

    I been through the post / comments and I think I can withdraw but still want to be sure.

  • zubair

    Hi Chandrakant,

    I have a query, the new PF form says a line in Form – 19 (UAN)
    (Applicable in cases where employee’s complete details in Form 11 (New), Aadhaar Number and Bank Accounts details are available on UAN Portal and UAN has been activated)………….I did not understand the statement -‘Applicable in cases where employee’s complete details in Form 11 (New)”. Do I also have to submit Form11 at pf office? or do i have to approach employer and submit to them? please throw some light…

    I had submitted my pf personally with new form 10c & 19 only on 7th Jan 2016 at Mumbai/Kandivali office..On portal it is showing as ‘No record found” as on today. Is it normal?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Preeti

    Hello Chandrankant,

    I need your suggestion regarding provident fund. Currently i am unemployed. I worked for 2 companies before i decided not to work. while in the first company i contributed to PF for 4 years. This company has their own PF trust. Later in my second company I contributed for 2 years, here the PF is completely online and they assigned me UAN number as well. Now my query is that i haven’t transferred the funds from my first company to second one and in total my contribution in more then 5 years. So how can I transfer the funds from first to second account as there is no employers for me and will there is any tax on this if i withdraw the funds separately if i can’t transfer.



    I want t withdraw PF from my previous employer but I am still employed, is it possible to withdraw whole amount including pension part ?. Kindly advise.

    • Manu Sehgal

      Yes, u ca

  • Dinesh

    HI Sir,
    I previously worked in a company for 2 years and resigned by 2006. I have joined another company and have a new PF account. Can I close and withdraw the PF amount from my first company?
    Can i register it with a new UAN and apply for withdraw?
    Please help me with this query.

  • prasad

    Hi Sir,

    I applied for my PF withdrawal last year but somehow the application got rejected (what could be the reason?) and it’s been three months I am waiting for rejection letter.

    My previous employer asked me to withdraw it online but as per your blog the online withdrawal facility has not started yet. Right?

  • Mahipal Reddy

    Hello Sir,

    I worked for 5 companies, 1st pf to second pf was transferred and then 2nd to 4th company account I transferred the pf, but third company’s pf i did not transfer to 4th. From 4th company I moved to USA and was getting only USA salary but no india salary from 2013 Dec onwards. In July 2014, 4th company was acquired by 5th company, and in the 5th company PF account was created but nothing is deposited as I am still in USA and no indian salary. SO most of my PF amount is with 4th company pf account and about 10000 rupees with third company pf account.

    1st company pf account: transferred

    2nd company pf account: transferred

    3rd company pf account: 10k

    4th company pf account: 1st+2nd+4th is with 4th company pf account

    5th company pf account: zero balance and left the company

    My questions are

    So in my service I was continuously getting the pf from July 2007 Till Dec 2013

    1. Can I withdraw PF from 4th company PF account without paying any tax ?

    2. Or is it mandatory to transfer from 3rd to 4th pf account ?

    3. Or is it required to transfer 3rd and 4th to 5th and then withdraw from 5th ?

    Basically I need a way to get pf without paying tax. Can you please kindly respond ?

    • Hi Mahipal

      Your answers are as follows
      1. You should transfer your Pf from third company to fourth. It will make the PF withdrawal tax free.
      2 It is not mandatory. You can withdraw the balance separately.
      3. No, it is not required.


      • Mahipal Reddy

        thank you Sir

  • Rajan Sabharwal

    Hi Chandrakant,

    I am trying to submit the PF form 3rd time now. This time I will be submitting form 15g which I missed to submit. However I have confusion around the estimated amount and total amount to mention in the form. Please can you assist me the procedure.

  • Mohit

    Hi Chandrakant,

    For my PF withdrawal TDS is deducted even after submitting the form 15G. Can you confirm reason or suggest any way to get the detailed information.

    Also suggest me way to get the proof for deducted TDS.

    • Hi Mohit

      This TDS should be reflected into the form 26AS. You can see this from the NSDL site.
      However, you can file grievance. Visit


  • Pavan

    Hi Chandrakant,

    I am working in an organization for the past 9 years but not with continuous service.
    I worked for 4 years in India with PFNo1 and went to USA for 4 years under the same company (but considered as a separate company out in USA). Now again I came back to Indian branch and working from 1 year with new PFNo2….Transfer from PFNo1 to PFNo2 is in process.

    If I am going out of company and withdrawing the PF, will my service is considered as continuous 5 years or considered as only one year as new PFNo2 is created a year back. Please let me know what the rules says.


  • saddiq basha

    Dear sir,
    how to transfer PF amount to bank account, currently i am working in abroad kindly let me know the process i have my PF UAN account ,

    A.Sadddiq Basha

  • sanjay

    how can change my name in epf account.

  • Midhun

    Hi Sir,
    I have total work exp of around 9 year and in my last company, I have exp of 4 years. Since in the PF withdrawal form, I need to mention only the last company and I haven’t completed 5 years in that, will the PF withdrawal be taxable, eventhough I have been transferring my PF from all previous companies when joining the next. Should I need to mention this 9 years in the form?

    • HI Midhun

      There should be continuous service of at least 5 years. The job change does not matter given you have transferred the PF balance. Once You withdraw the amount, It is considered and a break in the service.


  • Vinod Pathak

    Hi sir,

    I left my previous company during my bond period. Now i m not working anywhere. And my employer is also not supporting me for PF withdrawl. I worked there for 1.3 years. Is there any other way to get my PF money without Employer support.?

  • Ajeeth

    Hi Sir
    I had worked in SATYAM company for 8 years (Jan- 01-2005 to Feb- 02-2013) later the name of the company SATYAM was changed into TECHMAHINDRA where I worked for 1 year (Feb- 03-2013 to Mar -03-2014) currently Iam unemployed for more than 2 years. I have transferred PF from SATYAM to Techmahindra on DEC 2015 by filling form 13 online and its been approved by EPFO team on JAN -06-2016. My questions are:
    1)While filling form 19 and 10c do I have to enter last working of tech Mahindra and first working day of satyam
    2)is my amount taxable

    • Hi Ajeeth

      1. You have to use the dates of Tech Mahindra
      2. Your EPF is not taxable.


      • Ajeeth

        Thank you so much Sir…

        • 🙂


          • Ajeeth

            Hi Sir,
            I got confirmation about PF transfer from HYD branch to PUN branch via SMS 1 month back ,but the PUN BRANCH AMOUNT IS STILL UNCHANGED,so what can I do next?



    • Hi Mallesh

      Thanks for Commenting.
      I am no aware of such a procedure. 🙂


  • Mohit

    Hi Chandrakant,

    I have a balance of X amount (Employee+Employer+Pension) according to
    the PF passbook downloaded from UAN member portal but X-25000 amount got credited to my account in two transactions. I have also submitted form 15g during withdrawal of PF. Can you let me know the reason for deducted amount or guide me for same

    • Hi Mohit

      You should check your Passbook again. There would be details of withdrawal amount. Since, you have filed the form 15G, there should not be any tax deduction. However, you can file a grievance to verify.


    • use the link

  • Amaresh Patnaik

    Hi Chandrakant,
    My PF account of previous organization is distributed in 3 accounts.
    I have the detail of all the 3 accounts.
    I want to withdraw the money from all the three accounts.
    Please let me know, how can i go about it.

  • praveen kumar

    Hai sir,
    I am Praveen, worked in a x company I resgined my job and intimate through letter. Previous employer will not accepted my resignation. As per company’s norms I should intimate one month notice period or one month salary. I agreed to pay one month salary. But they didn’t accept my resignation. I was leaving previous organization on 14th July-15 and join in another organization . I checked my pf account Still they credit zero rupees to my pf account and they didn’t update my leaving date. Now I want to draw or transfer my pf balance is it possible to transfer or withdraw Without previous employer signature can I draw or transfer my pf.

  • Sonu

    Hello Sir,

    I have resigned from A company on 20 Dec 2015 and handed over the PF transfer undertaking. Now I joined B company on 21 Dec 2015 and signed the document for PF transfer. But due to some reason, I do not want to work with B company and joined C company on 23 Dec 2015. Now my question is if B Company has started the process of PF transfer, how can I cancel that request?


  • Manas Bhargava

    Hi Chandrakant,

    As i have resigned my Previous Job on 3rd July 2015 but till now my PF not clear by Employer What should do in this case, Is their any process to claim my PF withdrawal online without any interruption of previous Employer, Pls suggest


  • Biren

    Hello Sir,

    I have a query regarding TDS on PF withdrawal from my previous Org (Tata group). Lets say it is Org2 (Tata Group company).

    Prior to joining Org2, I was employed with Org1 from 15-09-2005 to 24-09-2008. Then I took a break for my MBA and was employed with Org2 from 28-06-2010 to 17-06-2011.

    My Org1 PF which was started on 15-09-2005 was transferred to Org2 PF. So would like to know if I provide a withdrawal application, TDS would be applicable on withdrawal or not? Becasue the clause of 5 years in service is very confusing.


    • Hi Biren

      Your PF withdrawal would be taxable. You did not continuous service of 5 years.


      • Midhun

        Hi Chandrakant,
        How will EPFO calculate 5 years, if we don’t have 5 yrs exp in last company but in total more than 5 years and the PF was being transferred to new account. In the withdrawal form, there is no provision to mention the whole experience of previous companies also.

        • Hi Midhun

          You should have been continuous member of EPFO. There can be many companies during this period. But You must have transferred the PF to final PF account.


          • Midhun

            Thanks Chandrakant for the reply.

          • umesha

            Hi Sir,

            Is it chq leaf is compalsarry for PF withdraw.

  • sanjay


  • Charles Paul

    hello sir,
    kya aap mujhe ye bta sakte hai ki job chhodne ke kitne din
    baad tak pf account mein transfer ho jata hai

  • suraj

    hi pardeep,
    i am working with current company 4.5 yrs can i withdraw money in online. i seen news PF amt employer withdraw anytime after 3 month. this news is true or false.

  • Manoj Kum

    Thanks for the detailed information. I had one more query. I worked with employer A for 2 years then with B for 2 years, then C for 2 years & then joined empoyer D. I have transferred the PF from employers A, B, C to employer D directly. Does it count as 5 years of service? please let me know as we are planning to move onsite for couple of years and so wish to withdraw the PF amount.

    • Hi Manoj

      Don’t Worry, All the periods would be counted as total service.


      • Midhun

        Hi Chandrakant,
        How do we intimate the EPFO that we have total of more than 5 years in this scenario, as the form is asking only about PF account number and duration of the latest company D only?

  • dinesh ch

    Hi Chandrakanth, Am Dinesh working in one of reputed organization almost from past 7.5 there any possibilty to withdraw current aviable pf online for personal purpose

  • Pardeep Pataria


  • प्रभा कुमारी

    चंद्रकांत जी नमस्ते,
    मेरी पहली नौकरी के दोरान मेरा EPF दिनांक 01-09-1996 से 09-04-2008 तक लग भाग 11 वर्ष 07 माह तक कटा था | इसके बाद मैंने दूसरी नौकरी की, जिस दौरान भी मेरा EPF दिनांक 09-04-2008 से दिनांक 31-10-2012 लग-भग 04 वर्ष 06 मांह तक कटा था | परन्तु मेरे इन दोनों EPF का अकाउंट अलग अलग थे | मैंने मेरे ये दोनों EPF निकलवा लिए है | क्या अब पेंशन की हकदार हूँ ? कृप्या विस्तार पूर्वक बताएं

  • shrishti

    i want to withdraw my pf amount for home construction its been 15years of my job. so i am allowed to withdraw pf amount before retirement? if yes then what is the procedure what all documents do i have to submit ??

    • Pardeep Pataria

      Dear Shristhi,
      Yes u can withraw ur pf for home construction. There r some reasons employee need to withdraw their pf during the job. Home construction is valid. Contact ur HR regarding the docs. Normally Form19 & Form 10C are required.

  • Ashish

    Hi Chandrakant,

    I have 2 EPF accounts (one created with previous employer and one with current employer) linked with a UAN. Now I want to transfer the amount lying with previous EPF account to current EPF account. Now the problem is, the EPF account that was created with previous employer had my name misspelled whereas current EPF account has correct spelling of my name. So, can I still file the transfer of amount online through EPFO site? Because online process says if there is any incorrect information then we have to send the correction letter to the previous employer to correct the data and it can not be submitted online. Previous employer has already submitted the correction data to EPFO a long time back (it’s been over 6 months today) but there is no update on it till date. Please advise how to proceed with the transfer.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Pardeep Pataria

      Apply online transfer through transfer portal. If ur previous employer approved the same then ur pf amount will transfer to present pf account. Apply it , if there will be any need for correction then submit correction letter.

      • Ashish

        Thank you Pardeep ji. Today I filed transfer claim online and also got it verified and approved with previous employer.

        The status now is showing as approved.

        How long will it take for transfer to complete?

        Thank you.

  • Ssatish

    Hi sir, My name is Satish I am leaving my previous company on Nov 2013 i am working their 1.6 years i am leaving without notice. How to claim my PF amount without employee support.

    • Pardeep Pataria

      U can claim ur pf either u leave the job without notice…send Form 10C & Form19 to employer. I don’t think they will deny it.

  • Sivakumar Subramani

    Dear Chandrakant Mishra,
    i worked before 3 years one company i resigned my job without notice and i didn’t claim my pf but now i am checking in online my pf account status now its showing It is informed that your account has already been settled with the following amounts but they are mention different people account number its not my account number.even i dont have the account in that bank.what can i do now to get that amount please help me friends….
    Thanks advance

  • S R Jalpota

    How to do online transfer of PF from previous employers when your present employer (Infosys) has their Own Private PF trust.

    • Pardeep Pataria

      In case of trust u need to send dully filled forms to ur present employer for transfer. U can’t do this online

  • ragavan

    Dear Chandrakant

    I am Ragavan, I left my 1st oranization by Oct 2013 and joined 2nd organization and left in Sep 2015

    Now Joined in 3rd organization sep 2015

    I want to transfer my 1st and 2nd EPF account to the peresent (3rd)organization

    Please suggest me the way to transfer my previous 2 organization accounts

    • Ajeeth

      Online PF Transfers Guidelines:

      You shall receive an SMS with status update at each step. There is no need to follow up through mails or telephone calls for approving or to know the status. If not registered:

      1. Access for registration in the portal

      2. Enter your mobile number

      3. Select the date of birth (as per the ID Proof)

      4. Select any document from the drop down list

      5. Enter the number as per the selected document (please remember this document for logging in to the portal for multiple employer(s) you join)

      6. Enter your Name as per the Selected Document / ID Proof

      7. Enter your Email address

      8. Enter the alphabets in Capital as reflected

      9. Click on Get PIN

      10. Enter the PIN and click on ‘I agree’

      11. Request for e-passbook of multiple companies you were employed

      12. Log out
      If already registered

      1. Access (if already registered)

      2. Click on the document from the drop down list (as per registration)

      3. Enter your mobile number

      4. Sign in

      5. Click on ‘Claim”

      6. Click on “Request for Transfer of Account”

      7. Enter your Name as per PF slip

      8. Enter your personal Email id or official mail id (auto mailer will be received)

      9. Bank details are mandatory

      10. Part B: enter your previous PF account of Satyam; select Telangana and Hyderabad

      11. Enter Est. code as 23034, Ext is to be blank and A/c no (refer your Satyam pay slip) and enter

      12. Click here to get details

      13. Check your name reflected

      14. Enter your date of birth as per the format

      15. Enter your father’s name and not wife (do not enter titles etc) and select relationship – Father. For married Woman associates, Spouse name can be given

      16. Enter date of joining

      17. Enter date of leaving as 31/07/2013

      18. Part: C Enter your present PF account of TechM  select Maharashtra and Pune

      19. Enter Est code as 34224 Ext is to be blank and A/c no (refer your TechM pay slip) and enter

      20. Click here to get details

      21. Enter your father’s name and not wife (do not enter titles etc) and select relationship – Father. For married Woman associates, Spouse name can be given

      22. Click on previous establishment

      23. Preview (check the details and correct them if wrongly entered)

      24. Submit

      1. Online claims will be verified and approved on a daily basis by the concerned authorized signatory.

      2. Please Don’t SUBMIT the hardcopy of the transfer form to us if you have applied through ONLINE.

      3. If you had raised the PF transfer request in the portal, please wait for the approval. Kindly ignore the SMS received by you ‘’the claim number is pending with your employer and may get rejected, if confirmation is not received or the hard copy not submitted to the employer”. All the PF transfer requests will be approved except for the mismatch of the PF account number with the respective associate.

  • Yamini P

    Which documents I have to submit in PF office and I left the organisation on 9th Oct so when I can get money of of

    • Hi Yamini

      You can apply for withdrawal after 2 months of leaving the service.

    • Pardeep Pataria

      Dear Yamini,

      Download Form 19 & Form 10C online. Fill both the forms and send it to ur previous employer along with cancel cheque. Ur name must be endorsed on the cheque and joint account is not acceptable.

  • Yamini P

    Hello My concern is that I served My notice period ,mine last date was 16th Oct 2015 but I left on 10th Oct 2015 ,by informing to my Manager and HR Via email that I will not come due to xyg reason.

    I am asking to my HR that please share my pf form so that I will sign or else I will come and do all pending formalities but they are ignoring and no one is picking my call. What to do?

    Even they are not giving my reliving letter too. All members are in the company knows why I left even I got a farewell party to…Still and The company HR Is doing snoop activity ,that where I am and all. They have done the same thing with all previous x employees.No one is happy. And being an honest employee I also courier my i card.Please help what to do ?

    my email id is – [email protected]

    • Hi Yamini

      You have these options
      1. If you are joining another employer, initiate the online PF transfer. Your previous employer can’t stop it.
      2. You can withdraw your PF without employer signature. There is a method. You can read my post.
      3. Give threat of legal action to your employer. It can’t withhold the PF money.


      • Yamini P

        Thank a lot for your reply.also I want to know that what documents I have submitted in Of office?

        • Yamini P

          One more thing, do they have right to sent email to my new company HR that I didn’t completed 4 days? Tho

  • [email protected]

    Dear Chandrakant,

    I have submitted my PF withdrawl documents to my previous company on August 3rd & currently am not working due to some personal reason. I have left the job on 18th May 2015. Till now this previous company has not submitted my documents to PF office & simply delaying without reason.

    Kindly suggest me how to withdraw my PF.


    • Pardeep Pataria

      Mark the email to concern pf office regarding the same. Add CC to previous employer

  • sudhakar

    HI sir, this is sudhakar. how I should apply online without employers stamp and signature

    • sudhaakar r

      Answer me soon as possible sir



    • Pardeep Pataria

      Download Form 19 & Form 10C online. Fill both the forms and send it to ur previous employer along with cancel cheque. Ur name must be endorsed on the cheque and joint account is not acceptable. No need to ask for call any agent. It’s a simple process.

  • Vijay Kumar Aditya

    Good Evening sir
    Sir meine Maharashtra ke ek company me karib 2 saal kaam Kiya, fir emergeny me meine job ko chod diya wo bhi bina notice ke or bina resignation ke. job ko chode huye karib 2 saal ho gaya hai or meine ab tak dusri job bhi join nahi ki hai, problem ye hai ki muje money ki jarurat hai .
    Kya mein ab apne PF account se money withdraw kar sakta hoon bina inform kiye bina apne employer ko or ho sakata hai to kaise ?
    kya online/offline withdraw ho sakata hai?
    Mera address Chhattisgard ka hai or abhi chhattisgard me hi hoon, agar offline hai to kahan pe apply karoon?
    Or Is procedure ko kitna time lag sakta hai ?

    Ans. me as soon as possible.

    • Pardeep Pataria

      U can withraw ur pf either u left the job without notice. Online withdrawal process not started yet. U need to send form10c & form 19 to previous employer regarding withraw log pf amount.

  • Vijay Kumar Aditya

    Goodevening sir

  • Bhaskar Kumar Sundaram

    Hi Chandrakant Sir,
    I have a balance of INR. 124000 (Employee+Employer+Pension) according to the PF passbook downloaded from UAN member portal but only a sum of INR. 100900 has been transferred to my new PF account as per an SMS notification from EPFO. Whom should I contact? I had initiated an online PF transfer.
    Bhaskar Sundaram

    • Swapnil Desale

      Hi Bhaskar Sir, How did you transfer the PF account to the new account through UAN portal? Please guide..I have checked the UAN Portal website & there is no such option…Please guide…

      • Bhaskar Kumar Sundaram

        Hey Swapnil, first go to and register yourself in case you haven’t so far. Then login to your account and then you can check the eligibility in the CLAIM tab if your account is eligible for online transfer.(It takes some 30-40 days to your new employer to make your account available). If you are eligible, then in the same section, apply for transfer request.
        Let me know in case of any other concerns.

      • Pardeep Pataria

        Go to
        Register urself and apply online transfer

    • Pardeep Pataria

      Balance will credit in second transaction…..

  • Raghavendra

    Hi sir
    Maine ek company 3 saal kaam karneke bhad us company ko chodhdiya hai, lekin mera pf ka kuch issu hai. ki mera DOB aur singh galath hai usko maine teek kar saktha hai kya sir,pls help me sir

  • alok singh

    can epf account ( from a private company) can be transferred to pf account in government job?

    • Pardeep Pataria

      Yes u can transfer

  • Avinash Kumar Sah

    I want to epf withdraw.
    I have UAN member.pls help me

  • rajesh

    i applied for pf last month i got message from pf office they received 18th my forms how many days it will take to credit to my account pls tell me

  • Madhavi

    Hi Chandrakant,

    I have left my job and I am no more working, nor intend to work in near future. I had filled in form 19 as per request from the company and since I do not stay in Bangalore anymore asked my colleague to submit my form.
    But the authorities have rejected my form and asking now to fill form 15 and also provide KYC and UAN number. I understand from your article that I can create a UAN number.
    But where do I get KYC number and how is form 15 different from form 19.
    Waiting for your valuable inputs.

    Thanks a Lot!

    • Manoj

      First thing, employer will be given UAN by submitting Confirm Previous Employment and KYC online. After UAN received, u have to activate the UAN. Then go to UAN member portal to individual log-in. After log-in u have to upload u r KYC documents like Aadhar, PAN card & Bank Account. Then employer approved u r KYC. For 15g form required for who was working below 5 years & PF amount exceeds Rs.30,000/-. U can download from 15 g from Employer also given KYC approved paper which should be attached with withdrawal from.

  • Durga Prasad

    Hi Sir,

    My previous employer has closed the company now how to transfer/withdraw my amount. i have tried multiple times to transfer but it is rejected Forwarded to Previous Employer for Confirmation. Please let me know how to resolve this.


  • ashwini

    Hi Chandrakant,

    I initiated my PF transfer through online portal and it got approved by previous and present employer but since 4 months it is in the status saying “Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office.”.

    could you please let me know what can be done on this?

    • Hi Ashwani

      You should raise an RTI query through

      • ashwini

        Thank you sir!

  • Myth


    Thanks for this wonderful article.
    I have query with regards to withdrawal process.
    I have worked with a company which used to have PF procedure and later I joined another small KPO where it does not have PF.

    Now PF needs to withdraw only in case of person is not working. At the same time, EFPO said they wont pay interest of dormat account more than 3 years.

    Now can I withdraw my PF legally or not?
    If yes, is there any major tax implications on the same.
    If not, wondering my PF amount wont grow and indirectly I am losing the interest benefit. So any solutions for same.


  • Yogesh Nair

    Hi Chandrakant,

    I want to do EPF transfer. After filling the form online, do I need to sign and send the form to my previous employer? I m asking this question because my previous employer is in different state.

    Please advice.



    • Hi Yogesh

      You should choose the present employer for verification. Then you need not to send the form to your previous employer.


  • Shaswatee Sahu

    Hi Chandrakant,
    I claimed my pf balance, and I submitted my form 13 to my present company (on 4th,may 2015) and they approved it (on 12t May,2015). So when I am checking the claim status its showing that the present company approved. But my previous company approval status is pending.

    So my questions are:
    1) Do I need previous company approval?
    2) My Old company regional office is saying that they dont receive any claim of my name,So do I need to check with my present company regional office?

    Thanks In-advance,

  • manojsaroj

    Hi chandrakant sir;
    My Name is manoj amarmath saroj.. I worked in one company with 1 year but some problem I leave that job. I fill the pf form but last 4 month. But no any message of office and hr said he submitted the pf form plz suggests something……

  • Akash R Pathak

    Hi Chandrakant,
    I was working in a company for almost 2.5 yrs then I joined another company. Its been 5+ yrs now for that previous employer PF account. I want to withdraw my PF. I sent an email to my ex company HR for PF withdrawal, but he said that I cannot withdraw my PF as one should be unemployed for min 2 months then only he/she can withdraw PF.

    • Hi Akash
      The company is right. Why not you transfer the EPF balance to your current account.


  • poonam

    sir main puch rhi hun hu ki main apni company me asst. accountant ke post pe hu 1 yrs se jyada ho gya mujhe yha pr abhi tak mera pf nahie bnaya gya hain kya karna chahiye mujhe kya koi complain karne ka rule hain ?

  • poonam

    hello Sir,

    i am a working girl If my company gv the epf to employees but still not maintoned my pf in my salary so what I should do because i am working here before 2 yrs….plz suggest?

  • PNH

    Hello Chandrakant,

    I worked form an IT firm for 3.5 months and then left the job without serving a notice period due to some personal emergency.

    I do have the PF and EPS number with me. Can I withdraw the balance? How to approach this situation? Do I need to get in touch with PF Office directly or via my Employer? Is there any way to get it done via PF office itself? Thank you!

  • Syed

    Hi Chandrakant,
    Request for a clarification. my wife was working with one of IT company, has quite the same 5 months back, will not be taking up future assignment immediately. we wanted to withdraw our PF now, the employer has conveyed to submit by online. issue is her UAN no is not created as such. can we submit her withdrawal without UAN no. if not how do we proceed on this. Pls suggest.

    • Hi Syed

      UAN is not neccessary for PF withdrawal. The online PF withdrawal is not implemented yet. You should read my article on PF withdrawal for details.


  • Mahesh Giri

    Hello Chandra,

    First I would appreciate for your help and consultaion to needy people. I have one question for you that I have initiated the PF transfer form my privious account to new account and now status is “your request is in transit between epfo out and in office” Since May 2015. Could you please let me how much it will take to complete this process?

    Thank you

    Mahesh Giri

    • Hi Mahesh
      Thanks for kind words.
      Even EPFO does not know how much time will it take. Indeed, it is the transfer between to regional office of PF. It should be done within a month. It has been three months. You should use the RTI route to know the status of PF withdrawal. I have asked this generic question through an RTI application, that how much time it takes to transit. Tee EPFO could not give the timeline.
      For your individual case, You can file online RTI through


  • Barun Kumar

    Hi chandrakant,

    I was working with IT since 2010 and left the organisation June 2014. I have some amount in PF account that wanted to withdraw. Now I am associated with Banking job. can I withdraw that money?
    As I read in PF withdrawal form a unemployed person can withdraw money from PF account.please provide your input.

    • Hi

      You not to give an undertaking that you are unemployed. With this undertaking you can withdraw the PF Amount.


  • Hi Chandrakant,
    I have left the job in a company in the year 2007 & now I want to withdraw my PF balance & I supposed the company I worked with is no longer exists. Shall I withdraw my PF balance now

    • HI Vikas

      You should withdraw your PF balance. It has been a long period.


  • Abhishek Chatterjee

    Hi Chandrakant,
    I have left the job & want to withdraw my pf online. I have got only my of pfno. & service certificte. How should I deal this?

  • Troubled Employee

    Hi Chandrakant,

    I am a foreign national working in India with
    Employment visa. My country of citizenship does not have SSA with India.
    My job contract is going to expire in a month and I am going back to my
    country. Could you please suggest if and how I can withdraw my PF (full
    or partial)? I have a salary account in India which will be available
    even after I leave India and I am ok with receiving my PF amount
    transferred to this account.

  • Troubled Employee

    Hi Chandrakant,

    I am a foreign national working in India with Employment visa. My country of citizenship does not have SSA with India. My job contract is going to expire in a month and I am going back to my country. Could you please suggest if and how I can withdraw my PF (full or partial)? I have a salary account in India which will be available even after I leave India and I am ok with receiving my PF amount transferred to this account.

  • Javed

    Hi Chandrakant,
    I am still employed with X company and want to withdraw my partial PF amount. Is it possible. If yes then what is the procedure.
    Thank You,

  • Krishnan

    Can I transfer my EPF Balance to GPF account (KERALA) .?? I recently changed my job from Private IT Firm to a government Organisation .. iF it possible what is the procedure?? If not possible what is the alternate way?

  • Shivam Gupta

    Hi Chandrakant,

    Thank you so much for sharing all the information. It was quiet helpful.
    Your posts and discussed answers have covered almost all my queries, just their is one outstanding question I have as per my situation on which I like to know your expert opinion.
    Suppose, I have worked for 4.6 years with employer A now I want to have my pf closed after resignation but at the same time I don’t want any tax on my money when I withdraw it as I am not fulfilling the 5 years criteria. I am not in a hurry for the money and can hold the account for 6 more months to complete 5 years of my pf account. Is their any provision that without continuation of accumulation from any future employer Employer X and just by holding money for 5 years lock period, I can get the full pf contributed money with interest with Employer A which is short of 6 months of pf accumulation without tax.

    Please let me know your opinion here.


    • Hi Shivam
      Unfortunately, It is not possible. Either you complete 5 years in your existing company or transfer it to your new PF account. 🙂

  • Kiran

    Hi, I resigned my x company on July 15th 2012 and until now have not withdrawn/transferred the PF Amount ?? will the PF account get deactivated if its not withdrawn/transferred.

    Can someone share your views and suggest how to go about it ?

    • Hi Kiran
      Your account will not earn any interest after 3 years of resignation. Your money will remain in the account but it will not grow. You should transfer/withdraw it immediately.

  • Joe Rathinam

    There are many restriction to get advance from EPF Account. I am trying to get a personal loan from State Bank of India where my salary account is to payback the advance amount in EMI. But
    there are many hurdles to get personal loan. This facility will be very much useful to employees to avail personal advance other than the ones now existing like children’s education, marriage, house building, buying, renovation, medical treatment etc by fixing some limit according to the salary. So the employees can be benefited to meet out unexpected monetary constrains. And it will be easy to repay the amount by EMI and also by ECS.

  • Arvind kaur

    Sir, I have retired on superannuation as PGT(HindI) from Air Force School, Jodhpur on 31Mar2015 after serving almost 27 years. I have not been paid my due gratuity till date. I have been requesting authorities repeatedly. Please advise at the earliest…thanking you, Truly, Mrs Arvind Kaur

    • HI Arvind

      Now you can file RTI.
      Or you can also go to the court.

      • arvindkaur

        I have registered rti on 17 jul & informed by email to dyclcajmer. Now please advise should I accept the gratuity cheque whenever they give or it should be along with the compensation for delay? Thanks…Truly, Arvind Kaur

        • I think you should accept it and give attention to other joyful things. The compensation on delay would not be much.

          • Mrs ARVIND KAUR

            Dear Sir, thanks for the cool advise. I think on the same lines, but sometimes authorities become so arrogant that fight with the system for the right cause is must, thanks again..

  • Venkata Ravindra

    Hi I would like to withdraw my PF amount for repaying back my home loan amount which is taken through LIC. can you please suggest what is the procedure to be followed for that.

  • Rohit

    I (Rohit)have regined effective from dtd1st July 2015. I want to leave job from 10th of July. but my boss forcing me for five more day till 15th saying otherwise he will not sign my pf form. what should I do??

  • Rohit

    I (Rohit)have regined effective from dtd1st July 2015. I want to leave job from 10th of July. but my boss forcing me that he will not sign my pf form. what should I do??

  • Sanjay Chawade

    hello sir, i worked one private company and left the company but the company not send my pf application to the pf office i have approached the employer they did not responding me . I was claim form submit. i want to withdrawal PF for my 2 son education. i had left the company past 7 /8 years. i was very try for epf refund. the company is at the Bangalore office. but they shift to Hyderabad. please help me.

    thanking you
    sanjay chawade

  • Asif C K

    Hi Chandrakant , I got an SMS on 18th May’2015 , form 10C & 19C received under process , how many days will take in MH/NSK office payment process.
    When will I get the money ?

  • Somasekhar Rajasekhar

    Dear Sir,

    Can you give me the detail to download the form for applying for PF withdrawl – when I visited the site last time, I got confused which one to download. I’m working for past 15+ years and want to withdraw PF for house construction.

    Also curious to know if this is yet to be available as on line process.


    Somasekhar R

  • Mukesh Kumar Sharma

    Dear Sir,

    I applied to transfer my old PF account to my new account for a long back and keep on checking the status on EPFO site and i also got the SMSs time to time the current status on EPFO is:

    26 Feb 2015 Claim Form Submitted .
    13 Mar 2015 Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer .
    09 Mar 2015 Claim Form Approved by Present Employer .

    Current Status :Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office.

    The last sms which I got that was on 21st Mar 2015 and since than the status is same the SMS was “Form 13 (Transfer) Claim ID: XXXXXX approved for payment through cheque. Pmt under process. But still the amount did not get transferred. I also marked emails on “[email protected]” but did not get any reply from there.

    Please suggest me what should I do in this case, where can I contact, Do we have any other contact point for delhi.
    Also my old account was under Delhi North EPFO and my current account is under Delhi Laxmi Nagar office, so which EPFO I should contact.

    • Kishore Kumar

      Hi mukesh same problem iam also facing any up date u got please tell me

    • Arpit

      Hi Chandrakant,

      I am also facing same problem. Can you please provide some insight for the same issue.

  • sathish

    Dear sir,
    this is sathish and i worked one private company and left the company but the company not send my pf application to the pf office i have approached the employer they did not responding me and i submitted form 19 & 10c to the EPFO but i did not get any up-dation from the office even one month was pls suggest how to i get my pf amount from the employer.

  • Human

    Dear Chandrakant,

    I have worked in New Delhi for a private ltd company in the year 1990 to 1993. After that I left the job and start doing my own small business. I have my EPF details given by my employer. and my employer can sign on the PF withdraw form if I request to my employer. The total PF amount deducted is Rs. 12000/-. So I want to know that can I withdraw my EPF now? and how much interest or total amount I can get from EPFO department.

    Thanking you,
    best regards
    Email: [email protected]

  • ashwin

    Hi Chandrakant
    I have Applied for Online Transfer which was approved from current & Previous office,,,,

    Current Status :Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office.

    lets me clarify what is the meaning of above status,,,, Shall I wait,,,???is it in Process,,,,,? Please Reply Sir,,,,,??

  • hari

    Current Status :Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office.

    lets me clarify what is the meaning of above status

  • hari

    hello sir
    i did online transfer of my old accounts to current pf account. but approval from employer took more time. Mean while i withdraw my present pf payment recently. now old employers approved my online transfer requests. cheque also issued against payment. 15 days completed. still present account not updated with transfer amount or not yet received any cheque by me. i cant understand what is going on. lets me clarify

  • Varun Singh


    I have submitted my PF claim settlement form to NOIDA EPFO on 1st April 2015 and recently i got a sms stating that it has been rejected and the rejection letter has been disptavtched. When contacted NOIDA EPFO they stated that my claim form was lost and they will try to find it again and submit it again. They have not given me anything in writing. My PF account number is MRNOI0049350000000154.

    Kindly help me on this.

    Varun Singh

  • Kunal Goyal


    Status on the claim submission wedge shows

    Claim submitted
    Approved by previous employer
    Approved by present employer

    What’s next? Another PDF form getting I need to further send the forms to PF commissioner etc?

    Or next three weeks, EPF will be transferred..


    • Hi Kunal

      You need not to do anything. Please wait for the SMS from bank.


  • KYReddy

    Hi , While transferring from my previous organization to present organization PF account , i am getting this message (SINCE MEMBERSHIP DETAILS IN RESPECT OF MEMBER ID <> IS NOT AVAILABLE ON THE PORTAL, YOU CANNOT SUBMIT THE TRANSFER CLAIM ONLINE. IT IS ADVISED TO SUBMIT PHYSICAL CLAIM THROUGH PREVIOUS OR PRESENT EMPLOYER.). Could you please help me how can i direct transfer my PF balance amount through online.

    • Hi Mr Reddy
      Please recheck you PF number. It may have changed. Otherwise you have to follow the instruction and go through the offline mode.


  • Ranjeet Galsar

    Hi, I have left my job before 1and half year back and my x-employer is denying to sign
    my PF form. how can i Withdraw my PF online without his approval.

  • Naveen

    Hi, I have left my job before 2 months. my x-employer is denying to sign my PF form. how can i Withdraw my PF online without his approval.

    please suggest.


  • Vijay

    Hi, I have submitted my PF form with all the required details to my X-employer on 27th feb. How much time it will take PF amount to get deposited into my account.


      Dear C. Mishra Sir, Good-day, Please clear my following doubts. I shall be very thankful…
      I joined Air Force School, Jodhpur on 07-10-1987. EPF deduction started from 01-01-1994.
      I have retired from service on 31-03-2015 (after 60 Yrs. DOB: 15-02-1955).
      My doubts are: 1. For pension calculation how much will be my past service? Will it be from the date of becoming EPF member or from the date of joining service?
      2. Now only I have filled up my pension papers (form 10-D). my eligible date for pension is 01-03-2013 (completed 58 Yrs.) I was on Extra Ordinary Leave for 170 days in 2012-13 and was not paid any salary & no contribution towards EPF & Pension fund, will it effect my pension calculation? Deduction was on max.6500 salary basis. (Rs.780/pm)

      • Hi Mrs Arvind Kaur
        The pension amount will be calculated from the date you started EPS contribution.
        The extraordinary leave should not affect your pension as it was for less than 6 months.


        • Mrs ARVIND KAUR

          Thank you very much sir, for your quick response. I hope I shall get the arrears of my pension w.e.f. 01-03-2013 (completed 58 years on 15-02-2013). How long the EPFO takes for settling the monthly pension?

  • Arun

    Hi , I am Arun, I have two questions

    1. I resigned by old job and applied for Online PF Transfer and the PF amount has been withdrawn from my old account and the current status is
    Current Status :Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office. – How long will it take to credit to my new account.??

    2. I have provided my Old UAN number itself to my new employer and he has linked my New PF no to Old UAN – How long will it take for my new PF no to reflect in the online UAN account (UAN card and transactions) Will this have any impact on my transfer??

    • Narendra_Kumar_S_S


      What is the status now? Is the transfer completed?

      Your previous status was “Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office”.

      What is the next status? And how much time it took from the above status to completion?


  • Elvis Gonsalves

    Hi, i am Elvis Gonsalves i was working in MNC company and suddenly i quite the job without any resignation Now i want to apply my pf so i can apply the pf or not please suggest me.

  • Ashish

    Hi, i am ashish kumar i was working in MNC company and suddenly i quite the job without any resignation No i want to apply my pf so i can apply the pf or not please suggest me.

  • Malathy

    Hi Chandra,

    I have requested my current company and old company for transfer where as it didnt work and so I thought to withdraw my old PF amount. Could you pls look into this issue. HOW CAN I WITHDRAW?
    Do you I need to visit any PF office? We do have office in MG road,Bangalore
    Old Acc:AP/37852/7879
    CURRENT aCC:MH/BAN/45665/117305
    Please do the needful help 🙁

  • Sanjeev Pundir

    hiiii Chandar kant sir,

    Can i Apply online withdraw EPF. Is this Facility Available on this site. If Have so send me link plzzz.

  • Vikram


    I m vikram working in IBM from last 5 yr, can i withdraw the some pf amount from pf fund without Resign company, i need urgent please Reply me

  • Nzanthung Lotha

    hi sir,there’s an error in my name in the epf account how do i get it rectified

  • tarachand

    Hi sir
    I left a job in Oct 2014. With 10 months working. Now I want to withdraw the pf amount anyway online or offline . what is the process. Please

  • Namratha

    Hi Sir,

    I applied for a PF transfer and this is status I see online as of 16th March 2015:

    21 Nov 2014 Claim Form Submitted .
    24 Nov 2014 Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer .

    Current Status :Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office.

    On Dec 6 th 2014, I received a SMS stating: Form 13(Transfer) Claim ID: APHYD14115000**** rejected. rejection letter is under dispatch. But the online status shows as above.
    Please help me on this request

    • Hi Namrtha

      You application is rejected. The reason may be the mismatch in name, DOB or account number. The details would be the letter. You must receive the letter till now. You can file the grievance to know the reason. State your problem in the Grievance page.


  • Avnish

    Dear Sir
    One of my previous employer is not attesting my withdrawl form so what should i do now

  • yadnyam

    I’ve resigned and joined new company. However I do not wish to reveal details of my current employer to past employer. Will it be possible with the EPF transfer to have no knowledge of my current employer to past employer?

  • dinesh dhiman

    Hi c,Kant
    I have just one question to ask you online Pf withdraw facilities is now available or not ?

  • Keshava Murthy

    hi chandrakanth,

    I am working in an MNC. I have resigned from my current job as I want to start my own business. My last date is Apr 10 2015. I plan to withdraw PF amount. Do I have to wait for 2 months to apply for PF withdrawal? Again after applying it may take more time for actual cash.

    Please let me know if I can start the process now itself so that I can get my PF amount as quickly as possible.

    I had withdrawn from PF once during 2005 Feb. It’s been exactly 10 yrs since my previous withdrawal. I have served for nearly 8 years in my current company. Please suggest.


    • Shan

      I am also on same boat and I would like to know the process to withdraw and its timelines. Also my account 5.5 yrs old so I don’t want to be taxed (as per rules if its more than 5 yrs it shouldn’t be taxed)

  • Ankesh Jain

    Hi sir my name is ankesh jain i have submit pf claim form for withdrawal but i got message your claim form has been rejected can i submit form again

  • vignesh


    i would like to withdraw my Pf, please let me know if online process available.

  • New Age

    Thanks for your awesome blogs!

  • Suresh

    Recently I quit job on 15th Dec 2014. I applied for PF Withdrawal. Today my Employer told me it will take 3 to 4 months to forward the claim to PF office from their end. Is there anyway I can submit the form directly to PF office to avoid delay. Pls suggest me

  • Sumit Tyagi

    Sir plz guide for the following…
    I had requested for online transfer of the PF balance in my current account number, but the EPF office has transferred the amount in some unknown to me account saying that the PF amount has been transferred to my new account and I don’t have any details of my this new account.
    Plz guide me what should I do?

    • HI Sumit

      You may be the victim of fraud. Immediately visit the regional EPF office.


  • Ganesh P

    Hello Mr. Chandrakant,

    I had worked in my previous company from June 2006 till Feb 2013 and have now joined another company with a new PF account. I Had to leave the company due to the non payment of the salary from June 2012. When inquired i came to know that they have paid the PF from June 2006 till March 2012 and post that they have not done any payments, the company is almost in its final shutdown stage. They are not responding to any of our query. Can you please help me on how i can withdraw my PF amount, They cheated us of our salary and we do not want to at their mercy of our PF amount, Can you please let me know what will be the best way for me to withdraw the PF amount.
    We are around 50 + employees who are going through the troubled times for us PF is our only Hope…

    We all appreciate your help.

    Thank you,


  • Rajesh A

    hi helo sir ji

    can i online withdrwal own pf ? if is possible now ? this facility is started in this time

  • Kumar Sajjan

    Dear Sir, Last month I left the job in delhi and moved to mumbai to join some other organization. I want to know that which form i have to submit for withdrawal of PF and pension both. Also can I apply withdrawal from mumbai PF office or I would have to be delhi office for claimimg the same. Kindly guide me…

  • Kant Kushal Mishra

    I have retrieved my UAN and updated all previous PF account. Does it has any approval from past and current employe3r?

  • rajesh babu
  • vinay

    Hi sir online pf withdral ke liye epfo open karne par kis link ke select karna hai plese help me.

    • हैलो विनय

      फिलहाल पीएफ को ऑनलाइन नहीं निकाला जा सकता है। आपको अपने नियोक्ता के जरिए फॉर्म भेजना होगा।

      Chandrakant Mishra

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  • Reshu

    Hello sir,
    I applied for my PF transfer ( on 16 oct 2014), though it was approved by my previous employer (on 28th oct 2014), but it is still in pending state as the Current status is -“your request is in transit between EPFO out and In office”. Please help me to know how long they will take to transfer. As its been more than 60 days.

    • Ajeeth

      Same problem here

  • virendra rai

    Hello sir, pls help me I don’t know whether my previous employer applied my PF or not. Pf no.- MH/37451/024121.
    name- Virendra Vijay Kumar Rai.
    Mob- 8904511928. I had tried all the combination to check my pf balance.dint work anything. I called my previous employer they told pf is not there pls suggest me.someone pls help me..thank you

    • Hi Virendra

      know your UAN and login to the UAN portal. You can download your latest PF passbook from the site.

      • Virendra Rai

        sir, when I try to check UAN status it does not work. It shows Member ID
        does not exist in member master. Please sir help. I think my pf number
        is not valid whichever they provide Pf no.- MH/37451/024121.. Please sir
        confirm that it is correct or not, because I am not able to check any
        balance and UAN status also.

  • Anil kumar

    dear friends,,,,,
    i had applied online transfer claim but my previous employer not appproved that claim ,,,can you please suggest me what i can do/////re transfer claim is possible??????

    • Anyone should take approval from the current approval. However, You can wait for some days, as your previous employer is bound to respond.

  • Sunny

    I had applied for trasnferr of EPF using UAN PF transfer facility from previous employer to current. It shows following status:

    08 Dec 2014 Claim Form Submitted .
    11 Dec 2014 Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer

    Any idea what’s next ?

    • Sasi

      It would take 1 to 3 (worst case) months

      • Sunny

        What happens with the transfer if I leave the current employer while the transfer is in process ?

  • Vinod

    Hello Mr. Chandrakant,
    In my case I have neither transferred nor sent any application for withdrawal of my PF money accumulated from my past employer.
    I changed job in May’2012, since then PF money from past employer are still unclaimed by me, now already I have completed around 3 years leaving my last company.
    Can I still apply for transfer of money from my old PF account ( held with old employer ) to my new PF account having with my current employer or else withdrawal would be the best option for me ?
    Your any response would be heartily appreciated.
    Thank You,
    Vinod Yadav

  • amit jain

    prior to my current company in which I am serving from past 1 year, I had been a salaried employee in three other concerns where in I had worked for 3 yrs, 6 yrs & 1.5 yrs. I am having the earlier PF numbers & salary slips with me , none of them was interlinked & fall in different states, BUT i had not withdrawn this money so far.

    Now since in a critical cond. I am in need of Money, PLS GUIDE ME :
    I have a UAN number of current emploer,
    1. How Can I withdraw the PF ammount directly to my Bank account on line??
    2. OR is it safer to get it transfered to current UAN & then withdraw, in this case how to transfer that ammount to current UAN??


    • Hi Amit,

      You can easily transfer all of your EPF balance using the UAN portal. But you would not be able to withdraw the PF. You can’t withdraw PF if you are in the job. However you can apply for for partial withdrawal after the transfer.

      You can withdraw all of your PF balance individually.

      • Datta

        But how?? what is the process to withdraw PF money?

  • Vinodh


    I have submitted PF form 10C, Same has been approved and showing status as Payment under process(status from of 4th DEC). I have received online transfer of 23K from EP office(on 5th DEC) where as i am suppose to receive much much Higher. – Kindly advice ()

    • HI Vinodh
      I can understand your agony. But you have filled form only for the pension withdrawal. If you want the provident fund money, you should fill the form 19.
      Pension amount is always little, because you contribute maximum Rs 541 for the pension fund.

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  • Neeraj

    Hi Sir,
    Filled online PF transfer request on 27th Nov, below is the current status, please let me know is my claim approved by my previous employer and now what is the feature process.

    27 Nov 2014 Claim Form Submitted .
    27 Nov 2014 Claim Form Approved by Present Employer .
    Current Status :Claim Form 13 for Transfer to New Account Number: AGAINST Old Member Account No xxxxxxxx) has been approved. Payment is under process.

    • Hi Neeraj

      Don’t worry. Your PF will be transferred in next few days.

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      • Manjunath Pai

        Hi Chandrakant,

        Even i have similar issue, i am watching the same status since 6 months now.

        Any Insight here .

        Manjunath Pai

  • Harini

    Hi! As of today, I have four PFaccounts with one organization no longer in business. I have completed my job with the fourth organization yesterday and am planning to move abroad.
    1) Is there a way using which I can conslidate all my PF into one account and hold it with either a PPF account issued by Post Office or any other way.
    2) If not, can I right away initiate Withdrawal saying I am out of a job? Is it taxable?
    3) Else Is there any benefit in leaving the accounts as they are? When do you advise would be the best time to withdraw?
    Thank You!

    • Hi Harini
      1. Since You are not in job you should withdraw from all the account. After withdrawal you can invest your money as you wish.
      2. In normal procedure one have to wait for 2 months after leaving the job to withdraw the PF. But if you are going to abroad, you can apply for immediate withdrawal. You need to give proof of shifting abroad.
      3. If you are going to have a job in India within 3 years, you can can continue with your last PF account.
      I will advise for withdrawal. if any PF account is less than 5 years old, your amount would be taxable.


  • monotosh mondal


  • Dipen Kumar Bhadra

    Hi, I had transfer my PF from my previous company to my current company, Now I have resigned.
    PF Membership Date is showing in my current PF statement is 01.12.2008 and I want to withdraw it on Oct-2014.
    In my previous company I had 30 months old PF account and in current company it is 52 months, total is 82 months (6.8 year).
    I want to know, if I withdrawn my PF is there will be any tax deduction? if so then what will be the percentage of tax deduction and if I apply for withdrawn then what time it could take to receive the EPF money?
    Please let me know it is very urgent. Thanks

  • nikunj

    Hi , I have Worked with an Organisation for 4 years 7 months. If I withdraw my PF will it be taxable??
    I heard that if period of service is 5 years it is not taxable and 4 years and 7 months are considered as 5 years.
    can someone guide me on this.

  • alexander
  • MONO

    in a pop -up
    Sucess :
    but the browser remains on the same page
    no new page showing the filled up form appears..of which i have to take the print out…

    • mono



  • tarun

    Hi Chandrakant,

    I had worked with Delhi based company for 7years (till 2010) . They are registered with Delhi EPFO. Since 2010( till date) , I am working with another company which has trust registered with Delhi EPFO.

    In last week of June’14 , I had submitted physical Form 13 to my present employer . They had forwarded my form to previous organization to be signed and presented to EPFO office . On contacting previous organisation, they confirmed receipt of physical form 13 from present employer but as per them Delhi EPFO no more accept physical form . In 1st week of July , my previous employer assured me that they will help by submitting online request for transfer . But its more than 2 months ,my request is NOT submitted and i am regularly following for same with previous employer contact point . Initially reason shared by previous employer was that their digital signatures had expired and from Aug’14 reason is EPFO system has some challenge in accepting their new signature . Now point of contact from previous employer don’t take my call . Worst scenario for me is that my present employer has trust and don’t have digital signatures. In this whole scenario , my money is struck (without interest) with EPFO.

    Can you pls suggest what is the best available option for me ?



    • monotosh mondal




  • Girish Kumar

    hii sir my name is girish kumar.I let compon in2011 my employer not agree to submit my pf form.Can i withdraw my pf on line without signature of employer. If yes than how and what is the process pls help me. Thanks

    • Shashi Bhusan Mishra

      Contact me I will provide you full support

  • manojchhoker

    Dear Sir,

    I joined a Gurgaon based company in Oct 2008 and left it in July 2011 with all process followed.
    But the company did not clear my Full and Final for 2 long years. Not only with me, it was something happened to most of the left employees of that company.
    However after two and half years I got my full and final amount cheque.

    But I did not apply for the withdrawal of my PF as I was in Bangalore.
    Now I am working in NCR and I want to withdraw my PF now.
    Kindly guide me by telling the process and all the best options I am left with.
    Is there any online process to withdraw PF?

    Thanks n Regards

    • Shashi Bhusan Mishra

      Dear Mr. Manoj, contact me I will provide support how to withdrawal EPF

  • Naga

    Hi sir
    I would in Nokia as a contract employee (through Kelly services) for the period of 2006 to 2010. I didn’t claim PF yet. I am trying to approach company they said that Kelly contract stopped on 2011 and asked us to contact Kelly office. There no one is helping me. How can I claim my PF? Is it possible to apply through online now? If yes then do I need to get any letter from Kelly or PF number is enough. Plz suggest.

  • Soumya Ranjan

    My status is “Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office.” from last 45 days. How much more timw would it take????

    • Hi Soumya
      This is unfortunate. You should get your money much earlier. However It is the lethargy of EPFO office behind this delay. You should file a grievance with EPFO portal.
      Hopefully it would work. Do tell me the outcome of grievance. It take a week to get response through grievance portal.


  • indraneel

    DEar sir,

    Dear sir,

    I want to transfer the FP from the previous employer to current employer pls suggest

  • Harmeet Gill

    Hi Chandrakant, Hope you fine!!

    I have left my previous company in June 2012 but I have not claimed or transferred my PF fund. Now, I have left my current employer just in this month only and going to Join company outside of India.

    Please advise me: 1) How can i get EPF fund of previous employer because i do not have signed form from employer and previous company has been closed.
    2) If i do not withdraw fund now then will it be remain for next 20-30 years with interest?
    3) Is it possible if i can fill & signed the application form for both employers and courier to both EPF office then funds will transferred to my General bank account automatically?

    Harmeet Gill

    • Hi Harmeet Gill
      1. Please go through my another article how to withdraw PF without employer signature.
      2. The Money will remain there but you will not get interest after 3 years.
      3. It is possible to courier the form. But, It is advisable to complete the process before going abroad.

  • Abhinav

    Hi, I want to know that at 9th year of continue service I want to withdraw corpus amount from my EPS scheme only not from EPF . And also want to continue to contribute in EPF scheme. Is it possible that I can withdraw money from EPS scheme.

    • Shashi Bhusan Mishra

      contact me I will try to solve the case

  • shiju sam

    dear all,
    iam unable to find the submit button once the transfer initiation document has been filled on when preview operation is performed its displays message as error :data inconsistent please go back and fill the form.””
    Please help me on the same.

    • Hi Shiju
      Try once again afresh with different browser and after reading instruction. There is 90% chance of success. 🙂

  • vipin nagar

    can i withdraw my pf without my employer signature
    if it’s is possible pls tell me the process

  • Anusua

    Also, how do i calculate the current balance. the EPF website provides a/c details updated till 31.3.2013

  • Anusua

    I am serving notice right now and going to join the new company the next 2 months. I wish to transfer my PF account. Please could you advise the right time to initiate the request. and what are the actionables for me, the current employer and the new employer.

    • Shashi Bhusan Mishra

      contact me I will solve your problem

  • jyothi

    how to withdrawal pf through online please let me know.

    • Hi Avinash
      The one and only reason is the lethargy and unprofessionalism of EPFO. Wait for some more days and after that file RTI.
      Chandrakant Mishra

  • aryan

    sir I have worked for 3 years with an organization but organization is not helping in withdrawal the epf amount.Can I directly withdrawal the epf amount from regional office ?without interfere of my employer?

  • TA


    I have worked with an organisation (X) in Delhi from 2003 till Jun 2010. They had our EPF account with regional EPFO office in Delhi . Since Jul 2010 , I have moved to new organisation (Y) in Delhi itself and still working with them. They (Y) have their TRUST as per EPFO guidelines . Last month I had submitted form 13 (as physical signed doc) to present employer (Y) and after completing their part C, they (Y) had send form 13 to previous employer (X) for confirming part B and to have their signature. Pls note present employer (Y) has not signed my form and advised its better to be signed by previous employer . As informed by previous employer ( X) that they had received my form and after signing my form and verifying details, had handed over form to their authorised representative for submitting to EPFO office. After this i am not getting confirmation on status of submission of form even after multiple follow ups (its more than 2 weeks). In this scenario , I have 2 queries:
    1) It’s now 4years since i left job with previous employer (X) and now i am getting EPF transferred to present employer (Y). So query 1 is – will i get interest for all 4 yrs or for 3 yrs only.
    2) Since I am not getting confirmation on submission of my form to EPFO office by last employer (X) ; what are the possible and best options available with me . I don’t want to further waste time by mere waiting for response to have ‘confirmation on submission’ ; should i re-submit form and this time submit myself in epfo office after getting signed by last employer (X) OR Present employer ; else pls suggest .

    • Hi TA
      1. You will get interest only for the 3 years.
      2. My advice is to wait for some more weeks. At least one month. this link. Hopefully Your amount will be transferred till then. If you could not get it transferred after a month you should file a grievance with epfo. You will get answer within a week. I know you will lose some interest in this waiting game. But Do bear for some more months.


    • Hi Arpit
      I have a different take. I find EPFO very lethargic. Online EPF transfer should be done at least 5 years before. If there can be core banking 10 years ago then why not online PF transfer. Today as well there should not be any need of transfer. Why should we transfer money from one account to another. There must be a single EPF account and our every employer should deposit money in it. We would have quote the EPF account number to our new employer. That is done. after that we should be able to check our account whenever we want. IT system has reached to such a level. These thing can be done easily.
      However i agree that it might help congress. 🙂

  • Nayana


    Thanks for useful information.

    I have already initiated my PF transfer through my current employer(not online) and i donot have any status about that. Even the concerned person doesn’t have any information about this. Can i initiate my transfer once again through online?

  • Nilesh U. Upatlawar

    I want to withdraw my PF amount Please guide me .my mail id

    • Hi Nilesh
      you should put your query in this platform. Other may also benefit. Please go ahead. I am waiting.

  • Jai

    Hi Chandrakant,

    My wife had initiated the PF transfer from the current employer on 28th May 2014 through online portal. It was approved by current employer on 6th june and pending with the previous employer. Inspite of contacting them several times, it is still not approved from the previous employer. She had received a message from EPFO portal as “Your Claim is pending with the employer. It may get rejected after 12th June if a signed copy is not submitted. Ignore if already submitted.” Please suggest me a way to expedite the process as she left the previous organization and joined the current organization almost 1 year 9 months back. Looking forward for your response.


    • Hi jai
      While filling for you are asked for the verification through current or previous employer. You must choose the current employer. If this is the case you shouldn’t worry. Else raise a grievance through EPFO. you can again fill for choosing current employer.

  • vinay


    I am currently employed at ibm india pvt ltd and serving the notice period after resigning from the company.i want to withdraw my pf balance.but my company is demanding some 25000 rupees(given by company as joining bonus) for final settlement.and when i come across the form 19 there is a section where the attestation of employer is necessary and i dont have form 3A with me.even if i take attestation of my bank manager or gazette officer what can i do for form 3A .

    i am very new to this .this was my first job .i am leaving this job for continuing my higher studies.i badly need money for that…..please help me regarding the problem.


    “online pf withdrawal” how long more time it will take to be implemented ?

    • Hi Sanjay
      Unfortunately the plan has been shelved for time being. We should not expect it this year.

  • Naresh Kumar A


    I was working at noida based company for two years and I left the company and now joined in chennai based company.I cantacted my previous HR for PF withdrwal but there is no response from him for the last six month.What is the procedure to withdraw my PF account without my previous employers authority.It is not possible to go through directcly to noida from chennai to claim my amount.Please guide me to withdraw the amount. Can I send it i Post??

    • Aniruddha

      Dear Naresh,
      Please go thru above thread. It has detailed explanation on how to proceed online/paper based. Hope this helps.

      • Naresh Kumar A

        Dear Sir,

        Thanks for your valuable comment.

        I have another doubt.
        It is noticed that for time being online withdrawl is not possible and it will take two months more.
        I need money very urgent so that What Can I do to get my PF amount without my previous employer’s authentication.

        Kindly help me sir

        • Naresh Kumar A

          only online transfer is available now not withdrawl..

          That is why im asking this question

        • aniruddha

          Dear naresh
          Employer authorisation us required for transfer as well as withdrawal.

    • Hi
      You can send you application and documents by registered post. Read this article for PF withdrawal without employer approval.


    • Aniruddha

      Hi Ranjeet,
      Please go thru above thread. It has detailed explanation on how to proceed online/paper based. Hope this helps.

  • Karthikeyan


    After the approvals in OTCP by both the employers is completed. Usually how much time it will take for the actual transfer of EPF?? Do we get any confirmation thru email or message to registered mobile number??

  • ashok jnagra

    dear sir please tell me we can withdwral my pf amt without employer singantory
    we are two or three time pf form attested from and sumbited to pf office and three time rejected please tell me

    • Nagendra Reddy

      dear ashok,

      forget your pf money,
      you wont get it back without employer singantory.

  • Manish

    Hi Chandrakant,
    I wanted to know how I can retrieve my current PF balance from the EPFO website? Currently in both e-Passbook and “know your balance” it only reflects till 01-04-2014. Would it now only update in the next financial year?
    Thanks in advance…

    • Hi Manish
      Normally EPFO tells PF balance till the last financial year. In the passbook, it updates frequently. You are fortunate that you get to know your balance till April 2014. I myself can’t see the PF balance after April 2013.


  • Shastry

    Great blog, very helpful

  • sourabhshrestha

    Hi, I have worked for 3 yrs in a IT company. I want to withdraw my PF amount.
    I heard that some amount gets deducted if some one withdraw before 5 yrs of sevice.
    Please explain.

  • ashok jnagra

    dear sir please tell me how we can withdwral my pf amt without employer singantory
    we are two or three time pf form attested from and sumbited to pf office and three time rejected please tell me

  • Anand Jaisinghani

    Hi Chadrakant,

    I need to withdraw money to purchase some property, just want to understand whether any limit is there, i know limit of 24 times/ 26 times but want to understand if i can withdraw the whole amount ???


  • Phani

    Dear Chandrakant

    Thanks for taking time in answering our queries regarding PF. I have 2 PF accounts from 2 companies and have 2 questions

    1. How much time will it take once your application is approved at PF office for crediting the amount in the account.

    2. I have tried verifying the balance in my account and followed the steps which you have mentioned. However, i am getting this error ” Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this PF No” **Data updated till 10-05-2014 08:28:33 “.I have left the company in March 2011.


    • Hi Phani
      1- It takes 15-30 days to get the fund.
      2- Pf code may have been changed. Please check with your employer.

  • Vedashree

    hi ,
    I want to withdraw my PF amount Please guide me .Reach me on 8095199075

  • Hi, I was working in a co back in 2008-09 and since I then my EPF acount has gone into inactive mode. What is the procedure to withdraw EPF money from this account? My EPF account is in my maiden name but the bank account name is changed to current name. Is this going to be a problem? Is there anything else to do other than submit form 19 and 10C to my employer? I am no longer working now.

  • Aniruddha Sharma

    You can add PPF account as beneficiary to your SBI’s saving bank account and do online transfer. Also you can link both your accounts to see credit and balance in ppf account.



  • srikanth kandala

    dear sir,
    I worked for an organization for 4.5 years and resigned latter after 8 month i worked for another organization for 2.5 years and that also resigned and now i want to apply and with draw my PF amount and both the Head offices are very far places in India and having branch offices at our place.I have not claimed my PF amount and i want to withdraw my pf mount and pl advise how to apply and with my PF amount


    Dear Sir,
    I was working with a company in Saltlake, Kolkata for 5 years. It has been more than 3 years as I have left the organisation and I had never applied for the PF amount. As I have moved to my hometown i.e. in Guwahati, Assam and right now I am self employed as I am running my own business. So, I would like to know that can I be able to transfer my PF account online and if so then how. Could you please help me out regarding this. Thanking You.

    • Hi Mr Dutta
      As it has been more than 3 years and you are self employed, you should withdraw your PF amount. For withdrawal you should approach HR department of your employer. You have to fill form 19 for PF withdrawal and form 10 C for pension withdrawal. Your employer would attest and forward these forms to regional PF commissioner. This whole process take average one month.

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  • shekharappa kumbar

    I am currently working with other company I need to withdraw my EPF amount not interested to transfer due to my sister marriage in the month of June -2014.
    I have submitted the EPF withdrawal form to my previous employer dt
    As per employer confirmation will take long time minimum 12 months, kindly advise on this particular sienario, this is my money I am not able to get the same in time,

    please confirm any alternate option for quick process.

    Shekharappa Kumbar

  • Tushar

    1. Has any one recently submitted online pf transfer form, how much time it takes these days?

    2. I have 3 pf accounts from my last 3 employers, i never got them transferred.
    how do i go about closing them? transfer first to second and then second to third? i am not in any job since 8 months.


    • HI Tushar
      Since, you are not in any job you can apply for withdrawal from all of your accounts. But for this you have to go to all of your employers.
      1. It takes one week to one month for online PF transfer
      2. You can transfer your pf directly from first to third account.


  • Kamlesh

    hi Chandrakant,

    I have submitted my pf form (10c and 19) to epf office on 28th march.
    and now when I am checking for account balance, it is showing that your account has been settled pls contact your respective epf office.

    is there any problem ? if not then, how much time it will take to transfer the money to my SBI savings account.

  • Ashish

    Hi Chandra,

    I have a query on EPF withdrawal. I came to US more than two years ago and now work for a US company. I have some balance in EPF account. Will it be illegal to withdraw money by stating that I do not have any job in India?

    How can I withdraw the money and transfer it to my bank account? Which form do I need to fill?


  • Sneha012

    I left my 1st company 6 months back to join a new one. I applied for PF transfer to 2nd company just last month. I want to know what happens to my PF transfer if I leave my current company to join a 3rd one before the PF transfer is complete?

  • Indranil

    I guess that it’s the browser. I tried from my colleague’s laptop and it worked. Great support from you to all of us, kudos galore for u


    Hi Mishra- I tried to do the online transfer of my account from my prev org to the new org account and everything is going on smoothly till it shows me the preview page and when I generate my pin, get it on my mobile, enter the same and finally ask for process, it says ‘error in the page’ and doesn’t take me to the next page confirming my request.

    Any suggestion please?

    • Hi
      Indraneel These are my suggestions

        Please check if you had filled all the coulmns.
        Try to use different browser.

  • Anil

    Thanks Chandrakant ji.

    To give you a background, I was employed with IBM for close to 6 years and then joined Satyam. I was there with Satyam for only 6 months before I moved overseas, I wanted to combine my PF accounts before withdrawing my PF funds. Hence I applied for the online transfer process and got it approved by IBM.

    As per your advice, I filed a grievance through the EPFO website and received a response saying my previous employer(IBM) has not approved the claim. I provided them the proof of approval and now EPFO has come back saying they haven’t received any transfer request from my last employer(Satyam). My understanding was this online transfer process was to make things easy for PF members by getting approval only from one employer. Request you to kindly advice what are my options now?

    Thanks & Regards,

  • shekharappa kumbar

    I have submitted the withdrawal form on 15/03/2014 to my previous employer. as per employer circular for withdrawal minimum 6 to 12 months required,

    my withdrawal form not in process, pls confirm shall I transfer my epf amount new epf account.

    • Hi Shekharappa
      If you are in the job then you must transfer your EPF. Please do understand the importance of this retirement kitty and try to preserve it as much as possible.

  • Hi, I have instated online transfer of my previous company PF to current company PF account. I have initiated the process on Dec 10, 2013 and very next day Dec 11. 2013 my previous company approved from that time status is ” Current Status :Account Details received in EPFO IN office and under process.

    I don’y know in this technical era, why teh status is not able to move fast, please let em know what is that pending from my end?

  • Shreyas

    I had applied for online PF transfer and also submitted the hard copy duly signed to my previous employer. Today I got a system generated message that says- Dear Member- Your transfer claim has been approved.

    What does this mean. By when will the money be actually transferred to my current company’s PF account?

    • Hi Shreyas
      Congrats. Your documents were right and now there remains procedure of transfer. Your PF should be transferred within 15 days.

      • Shreyas

        Thanks Chandrakant Mishra

  • Rahul

    Hi Chandrakant,

    My PF transfer claim has been in state “Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office.” since 30th Nov 2013.

    30 Nov 2013 Claim Form Submitted .
    13 Dec 2013 Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer .

    Pls suggest if any way I can expedite the process.


  • Manmohan Garg

    Dear Mr. Mishra,
    I worked with previous company for 03 years. After leaving my previous company I remained idle for some time say “X” months. After “X” months I joined another company and transferred the PF to my current PF account. I have completed 02 years in current company. Now I want to leave the company and want to withdraw my PF balance. As I have completed 5 years (aggregating both companies service period) now, the amount should not be taxable. I want to know is there any limit of time “X”.

    Manmohan Garg

  • Daniel

    Hi, I had applied for the PF withdrawal on March 4th, and when i checked the online claim status is says 6th March as the submission of claims. Later, when i check today, the status for 10C is still under process but Form 19 status says as approved, and payment under process.

    Wanted to know how long does it take for the fund (under Form 19) to be credited into my account when the status says “Payment under Process”?
    How long does the Form 10C take for approvals and disbursement of funds?

  • shekharappa kumbar

    Dear sir,

    I recently applied for PF withdrawal and same required documents submitted to my previous employer but previous employer rejected because bank stmnt.

    I have submitted my salary credited bank stmnt with cancel cheque but employer not accepting my salary credited bank stmnt.

    Please confirm the whether salary credited bank acceptable OR not as per process.

    Shekharappa Kumbar

    • shekharappa kumbar

      currently I am working with other company, I don’t have any other account bank stmnt accept salary account, pls confirm whether salary credited bank stmnt acceptable or not.

      • In any case if you are the genuine person no one can stop your EPF. Talk to them and offer an affidavit. your employer must have some different account number in their record. Talk to them in writing and send a registered post with acknowledgement.


  • saurabh sharma

    hi ,
    i am saurabh, i left satyam in 2010 and till now i have not withdraw my PF . As of now i started my own business so PF account was not even used later on.
    How can i withdraw my money from my PF account and what all steps i need to follow.
    saurabh sharma

    • Hi Saurabh You have to approach your previous employer. They will give you two forms, Fill it and submit to them. Money will be deposited in your account after 1-3 months.

      Read more about this.

    • Hi Saurabh
      Please read this article. you would know the desired information.

      • Punitha

        Hey Chandra good info. Mine is also same status can we withdraw the old inactive PF online??

  • rajesh donepudi

    Chandrakant Misra

    Respected Sir,

    i have pf account at hyderabad , i have with drawn my pf amount through form 10c and form 19 and had received the claims , now i have got now job , can i continue the same pf account , by seeing the balance in epf site ,it is saying , your account is settled . i dont know whether to continue the same pf number in my new firm or not , please give sugession sir – how to continue the same account , is it possible or not , since i have withdrawn the claims , can i use the same pf no to my new firm, they have asked me to submit the pf forms.

    Thanking you
    Warm Regards,

    • Hi Rajesh
      A very warm welcome to Planmoneytax. As you have settled your previous PF account, you can’t continue That PF number for another job. There is nothing left with that PF number. Now your employer would apply for a new PF account on your behalf. Tell these things to the employer.


  • Balamurugan

    I have applied epf tranfer online and it is approved by previous employer. The status shows approved only. I want to know where my application is pending.

    • Hi Balmurugun
      Please wait for some days your status will change. When have you applied for EPF transfer?

  • Sandeep

    Hi Chandrakant,

    During claim transfer process when I click on “Click here to get the details”

    My middle name has one alphabet incorrect. it’s coming as A instead of O.

    Should I proceed online transfer method ?



    • Hi Sondeep

      You have to get it rectified by your previous employer then only you can transfer EPF. But you should give a try, There is nothing to loose.

      Your Chandrakant

  • Sandeep Reddy Jakkidi

    Hello Chandrakant,

    I applied for PF transfer through web and which is still in process, but due to few reasons I left the new company to which I requested to transfer. I reached my previous employer to cancel the request as I want to go for withdrawal. But my previous employer said that he don’t have any option to cancel the request and asked me to cancel from my end, where I couldn’t find any option. Please suggest me and do the needful.

    Tracking ID 999317051401230001055

  • Anonymous

    Hi Chandrakanth,

    I recently(2 months) joined a company and at the time of relieving only i submitted withdrawal forms to previous company. When I checked my PF balance online it has transactions up to march 2013 but I server in the company up to Jan 2014, Now if I transfer the PF, will I get the remaining amount into new account or I ll get less amount only? My previous employer is not supporting me in this aspect as I have not served notice period.

    Please suggest me

  • Rakesh

    Hello ! I worked for a company for four Years & 6 Months & waited for 2 years before withdrawing the PF, will it be Taxable ?

  • srikum

    I was working from 2000 to 2006 and from then no PF account now I have applied for withdraw and it took many months to find out now I got SMS with claim id. when i see the amount, it is showing account inactive. How can i know the amount and how much time it take once i get claim id by sms.

    • Hi Srikum
      It will take almost one month to get the PF withdrawal amount.

  • kishor kumar chhimwal

    Hi Chandrakantji, I have worked a company for 2 years .i have paid 800 rs every month from my salary towards my pf account. When i have submitted pf form to EPFO office at Wazirpur, Delhi, next day i have got a sms that your a/c has been credited rs 12000 only. how is it possible with a small amount and a quick response. Thought checking online it shows that your payment is under process. Please advise me that what should I do?

    • Hi Kishore

      You have not mentioned from where you have recieved the SMS. This Rs 12000 in your account may be from any other source.

  • Chandan Kumar

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am submitted provident fund application form on September 2013 than. I got to sms 15 jan 2014 that your form is rejected reason (Form 19) not attachment than i am again From 19 fillup and form 10 cancel cheque adress proff send by courier dated on 04/02/2014.but no any stats found by me application processed or not no any information i am also call in provident fund office than replay taht your docouments are not received.

    So please suggest me

    Chandan Mishra

  • Gajanan

    Yeah, Old employer has done the verification.I did n’t opt for attestation from old employer, since I was worried whether they would care to act fast for an ex-employee and also handing over the acknowledgement was easier with current employer.I was surprised that my current employer is taking time to attest it online.

  • Gajanan

    Hello sir,
    I had applied for online PF transfer on 12th Feb’14 and submitted the acknowledgement signed to my current employer (Had selected current employer for attestation).Meanwhile my old employer kindly verified the data quickly on 14th Feb.However my current employer has still not attested online.Wanted to ask whether EPFO follows up with the employer too.I have been continuosly following my current HR dept.
    With best regards

    • Aniruddha Sharma

      Dear Gajanan,
      For fast transfer you could’ve selected only old employer. This point is mentioned in EPF website too. Any way, now you need to follow up with both of your employer to do the needful. EPF office will act only after final submission from employer side. If ole employer has done the needful then ask your current employer to do the final things from their side;

  • vijay zine

    Online PF withdrawal is not yet started. Please start this once you get same confirmation in news.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Sir,

    My PF has been transfer from one company to another, but in this process employer contribution to pension amount are not considered. Can u help me that in PF transfer process pension amount are considered or not?


  • Aniruddha.

    Online PF withdrawal is not yet started. Please start this once you get same confirmation in news.

  • shekharappa kumbar

    thanks for your suggest, pls let me know after 60 days shall i apply for PF withdrawal through online and how many days required to get the PF amount, pls confirm.

    • Shekharappa ji Namaskar

      Online PF Withdrawal facility is not available yet. you have to applly through your employer.
      Whole process takes almost one month.

  • Jagdish

    Hi Chandrakant,

    I have applied for online PF transfer. Status of claim says approved by previous employer on 9th Dec 2013.
    After that there is no update, It also doesn’t show with whom it is pending. I tried chasing the chennai pf office with whom my PF account is but no response from them
    Could you please let me know whom should I contact for getting the status of my claim


    • Aniruddha

      Please raise grievance using Chennai PF office from drop down box. Mention transaction reference ID of your online PF transfer in same.

  • Sandeep

    Hi Chandra,

    I got through the eligibility check however to my horror when I clicked on “Click here to get Details” button

    I got a different member name under same.

    logically it should be my full name under member name.

    am highly disturbed by this that a/c no given to me has a different member name assigned on EPFO.

    is this normal nuisance with EPFO. have people faced this issue before ?



    • Hi Sandeep
      This is really unfortunate. Now you have to struggle with your employer. Go to him and ask or rectification of the mistake. It is possible that they have given you wrong pf number. It is not a naromal anamoly. There have been instances of wrong spelling or date of birth but totally different name is rare.


  • shekharappa kumbar

    Dear shrikant,

    I left previous company more than 1 month back but I need to withdraw my pf amount, can I apply for pf amount.
    as per employer says after 60 days only you can apply for PF, pls confirm this right OR wrong.
    I am not interested to transfer my pf amount, pls suggest.

    • Dear Shekharappa

      Your employer is right. You will have to wait for 60 days if you want to withdraw PF amount. This is the rule.



  • vijay setia

    Mr. Mishra

    God bless you,
    Sir, i left the job in Dec.2013 and now iam not going to join any service i want to withdraw my Provident Fund . One thing is more my daughter ‘s marriage is fixed on 15th of april 2014 can i take the advantage of my P.F before marriage of my daughter if yes what should i do the quickest procedure please tell me same case my daughter also wants to withdraw the amount. waiting for your reply.
    thanks in anticipation

    • Hi Mr Setia
      You can immediately apply for your PF withdrawal. Request your employer to fast track the process. Unfortunately Online PF withdrawal is not implemented yet.

  • shrikant Raman

    Hello Sir,
    I left my previous job and joined another job and its been 4 months. But I havnt gone through PF tranfer, my question is Can I withdraw money of my PF account associated with previous Employer? If yes then Can I Do it online? what all forms do I need to submit. I tried finding it in google, It says form 10 C and form 19 needs to be filled, but to whoome should I submit? My previous employer , Previous PF trust or current employer.
    Your reply would be highly appreciated.

    • Hello Shrikant
      If you have got another job than according to the rules you should only transfer your PF amount. It can be done online. Both the withdrawal forms should be submitted to your previous employer.


  • Anonymous

    I did online transfer and Current Status showing a message like “Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office” What exactly does it mean?

    • It means wait for some more day. Transfer is approved but EPFO is taking some time for formalities.

  • Harman Singh

    Hi Mr Mishra, can you please advise me about withdrawal of money from my EPF account. i used to work for a PSU and served that organization at two different places. my EPF account is with EPFO Chandigarh and Karnal. i left that organisation and moved abroad. Will i have to apply at both the EPFOs for withdrawal of my money. can i do that while being away from India and also what documentation is required. Can i apply online. I know i have a lot of queries but i greatly appreciate your advise. thanks

    • Hi Harman
      you have to apply for withdrawal through both the employer. You need not to come in India if your HR department accepts scanned application. You can download application from the site fill it and send scanned copy to your employer. Then your employer should forward it. Talk to the HR department of both the companies.

      Chandrakant Mishra

  • Anonymous

    Dear Sir,
    Please transfer my pf money my pf – 212480/33864
    pf form is already submit in three month.

  • Anonymous

    dear sir,

    my pf account started in feb 2007.due to some health issues I resigned my previous organisation in april 2013. now in search of new job. is it advisable to with draw the amount and start a new pf account with new organisation or this account can be transferred to my new organisation

  • abhay s bendre

    hello i m trying to check my pf status which i had already submitted before 5 moths and i had got the first amount also,whenever trying to check its says Your transfer in details for crediting new account has been received and the same is under process.
    please give me suggestion for the same,also i called pf office they told its for verification dont know how much time it will take.

    • Hi Abhay
      Actually your previous company is delaying in verification process. talk to them if possible. Either you can file grievance with EPFO. I can’t understand the first amount thing.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Sir,

    Currently I am working in an organization. My previous PF account is in operative since I left the organization in 2007.

    Can I do the online transfer in this case?


  • ramesh

    can u plz tell me the link of onlinepfwithdraw site.i want to appaly online

  • Anonymous

    any help on this

  • Sandeep

    Dear Chandrakant,

    I tried the online procedure but it didn’t work for me. My company said to go paper way and now telling me it’s going to take 6 – 8 months 🙁



    • Hi Sandeep
      It will not take that long. I think it will take 1-2 months. This is the average time.


    “online pf withdrawal” how long more time it will take to be implemented ?

  • Elvis

    Has the Online transfer/withdrawal feature active yet ?

    • Aniruddha

      Please refer the above thread for details…. for both transfer/withdrawl

  • Kunal

    Hi Chandarakant, I had applied for PF withdrawal and within a few days a i got a very small amount credited to my bank account (just 6K!). Thought of checking my claim status on the EPFO website and this is the message I got:

    “Claim ID : DSNHP130300000607
    Status : Claim Form 13 for Transfer to New Account Number: AGAINST Old Member Account No (DSNHP00336120000000031) has been approved. Payment is under process.”

    Would you know the meaning of this status message? Unfortunately, the govt. websites are known for showing statuses in a very confusing manner and it takes an expert to break the code 🙂

    • Hi Kunal
      Even I am unable to decode this message. Did you really got very less amount? Check with your salary slips.

  • Syed Arshad Chishty

    Dear Chandrakant Mishra,
    I used to work for a company in chennai between 2000 – 2002, for which the EPF account was with the Chennai Regional Office. Subsequently, I have relocated out of Chennai to Bangalore, and the old company has closed down.

    I recently tried to check my EPF account with the Chennai Regional Office, and it shows the account as “Inactive”.

    I wish to withdraw the funds parked in the above EPF account, as I no longer working with a company. What is the process? Can I process the withdrawal request from the Bangalore Office of EPFO?

    Please note that the old company has closed down, so there is no one there to process the request.

    Await your expert comments.

    With regards,

    Syed Arshad Chishty

  • Nesar Ahmad noorullah

    Hi Chandra kant ji.
    I want to know that if iam getting transferred outside india. then should i continue my EPF account or should i withdraw the money. i hhave continued my account for 5 years while working with 2 companies in 5 years. Can this account get transfered aborad say South Africa. if not then when i return to india how will I track my account and if needed how iwll i withdraw my money.

    • Hi Nesar
      If you can return before 3 years then you may continue your EPF account, Else you should withdraw your EPF since you will not get interest after 3 years of inactive account. You can’t transfer your account either.

  • Ari

    Hi Mishra,

    I have initiatiated online PF transfter on Dec 24th 2013, it was approved by both of my employer 24th Dec 13 and 14th Jan 14 respectively, now i am seeing status as “Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office” it is ame for last 14 days, Yesterday(30th Jan14) got SMS stating form 50 rejected for your claim ID , Really not sure why getting differnet update , SMS saying rejected online portal showing Transit between OUT & IN
    do you have any idea or help to adress this issue

  • ashok jangra


    STATUS for Member ID: DSNHP00171130000000292

    Claim ID : DSNHP140100026169
    Status : Claim Form 19 for PF Settlement AGAINST Member Account No (DSNHP00171130000000292) has been rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim form.
    Reason of rejection: The reason of rejection is not available in database. You may please contact RO/SRO DELHISOUTH for further details

    Claim ID : DSNHP140100026171
    Status : Claim Form 10C for Withdrawal Benefit AGAINST Member Account No (DSNHP00171130000000292) has been rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim.

    • Aniruddha

      Please call concerned office and ask the reason for rejection. I have done this in past. You can get the concerned office phone number from EPFO website. or google the EPF office phone number. you will get it. Dispatching of letter may take months…so better call and get the reason and reapply.

    • Hi Ashok
      You can file grievance in EPFO portal.

  • Anonymous


    Thanks for your article. After being resigned from my previous organization on August 2013, i was been unemployed for more 3months. But my concern is, i do work currently in an company and don’t wish to transfer my PF amount instead i would like to withdraw them.

    As you mentioned earlier, as per the PF rule, we can apply for withdrawal only if we are unemployed for 2 months.

    Will i be eligible to withdraw the amount? though i”m working currently?

    Looking forward for your reply…..

    • Hi
      To withdraw pf amount you have to give undertaking that you are unemployed. You may have heard that many people give false undertaking. Now you have to decide, Government is not going to put you in jail. This rule is to ensure that you must save money for retirement days.

      Chandrakant Mishra

  • Anil

    The status of my online transfer is stuck at transfer from epfo out to epfo in for the past 2 months. When trying to contact epfo through mail id given on the website, the email bounces back. Please advise how to proceed.


    • Lalit

      Raise a grievance with Central PF Commisioner by phoning him. Mine was also stuck for more than 1 month.

    • Hi Anil
      File grievance through the EPFO website.

  • Ramanathan

    I am left the job on 27th dec 2013 when can i able to withdraw my pf amount

  • Gnanananda Reddy

    Hi Sir,

    My Name is Gnanananda Reddy. I left my job in December 2011. I have PF Account in my old company. The old company is in Hyderabad. In March 2013, i have joined in New Company in Kakinada. But my new company didn’t provide any PF. Can i withdraw my PF amount online without consulting my old company.

    Please guide me.

    Thanks in Advance,

    B Gnanananda Reddy

    • Hi gajanan
      You can’t withdraw your PF without going through your previous employer. If he does not cooperates then only you can submit direct application to regional PF office. You have to tell about employer’s not cooperation.

  • saravana


    I am resigning from company in two days and i like to withdraw my PF amount. I was working in the present organization for 4 years. Before joining or after joining other company can i withdraw the amount. What is the procedure to withdraw the PF amount?

    • Hi Sarvana
      As PF is for retirement years EPFO discourages withdrawing it prematurely. According to rules you can’t withdraw PF amount if you employed. But if you have been unemployed for more than 2 months then only you can withdraw the amount. To withdraw you have to give undertaking that you have been unemployed for 2 months. You have to give application through your previous employer.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Sir
    My name is Raj i had submitted my PF Withdraw form last year in april 13 but till date no reply com from my previous office and not pf Ammount cani apply for online withdraw and what is the process pls guide me

  • AA


    Thanks for article.

    Hope you will be able to revert on my specific query as below:

    After joining my current employer in May 2012 (EPF office is Delhi), I had requested PF transfer of my last company where I worked for 3 years (EPF office is in Chennai). My current employer applied for PF transfer and also gave me receipt (dated Sep 2012) for the PF transfer request. Till today there is no clarity why PF transfer did not occured. My current employer (HR) is of opinion to request for PF transfer again and asking me to fill form 13 again. This is because now PF transfer request will be initiated online and hopefully there will be better clarity in whole process. My query is::

    Ques: Is it fine to put PF transfer request again (online this time) provided we have already done PF transfer request once before?

    thanks in advance…..

    • Hi Singh Sir
      Yes it would be fine to initiate online transfer again. If EPFO has any problem they will revert you. Please Go ahead.

  • PF Query

    Hi, I am part of a Indian company and deputed to onsite to another country. My Indian company pay me salary in the foreign country and stopped my PF contribution in India. I understand that upto 36 months my PF account will attract interest. If I come back to Inida, my company will resume PF contribution. Now, I will live in the foreign country for few years. Please advise if I need to withdraw my PF contributions?

    • Hi Bala Kumar
      Yes you should withdraw the PF amount. As you will not get the interest after three years.

  • Keshav

    Hi Mishra,

    Excellent article… I’ve one query.
    I worked for one org from 15-SEP-2008 to 05 – SEP-2013(4.11 yrs and 20 days) which is less than 5 years and is it taxable, If I withdraw my PF now.

    Thanks for your help..!!!

    • Sujata Das

      Pl suggest me, I am sujata Das resigned my job on dated 01.11.2013 after 1 year,11 month and also withdraw PF amount.
      Can i able to withdraw . Request your help on this aspect

    • As it has been more than 5 year since you have joined. Now you can withdraw it. It would be tax free.

  • Shrawan Mishra

    Pl suggest me, I am Shrawan mishra resigned my job on dated 12.10.13 after 6 year,2 month and also withdraw PF amount.
    Can i able to withdraw ,my EPF or adjust to my current organisation

    • Hi Shravan
      If you are working you should transfer your EPF amount By this PF amount from both the organisation would be clubbed.

  • Manish

    Hi Chandrakant,
    I had been working in previous organisation from April 2006 to July 2008. I forgot to withdraw my PF amount. Now I want to withdraw the amount but when tried to access the balance details , it is showing “In-operative member”. Further my previous organisation has been shifted from Gurgaon to Chennai. When I contacted the HR in Chennai , they are saying they don’t have any information regarding Gurgaon office as they have new account in Chennai. Can you please suggest , what should I do in this case ?

    Manish Mishra

    • Hi Manish
      If you are working now you can transfer previous PF amount easily. As online transfer facility is there. Either fill the withdrawal form, Scan it and send to the previous employer. they should forward it to the EPFO. If there is not response then you can directly submit your withdrawal form in regional PF office. I have given detailed process of that in previous comments.

      • Manish

        Thanks Chandrakant …

  • Deepak K

    Dear Mishra,

    Could you please help me understand if I can withdraw my previous PF amount if I am currently working in another organisation. If yes how?
    – I have switched the job twice
    – I remember giving PF transfer applications when i joined my 2nd and 3rd organizations.
    – Recently I checked my balance of all 3 accounts and by seeing the amount it looks like previous 2 account are independent and are not transferred.
    – I am currently in my 7 years of career and I dont think so it would take 4.5yrs (1st tenure) and 2yrs (2nd tenure) for the EPFO to transfer the amount

    So I am wondering if my PF is transferred or not and if not how to withdraw it. If i cannot withdraw it, any other alternatives to take partial money back.


    • Hi Deepak
      If your previous amount is showing in any way you will get your whole amount with interest. It is better to show independently because you would have always an idea that how much amount was transferred.
      Rules say that you can’t withdraw your amount if you have any employment, You can transfer only. If you are unemployed for more than 2 months then only you can withdraw the amount.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Chandrakant,
    I had submitted my PF forms to my ex employer in regards of withdrawal.
    They had kept the forms with them with no action onwards and each time making excuses with this or that.It had been already two months of my submission.
    Request your help on this aspect.

    • Prasanth

      You can file an RTI requesting for the day by day status to PF department. Also you can request for withdrawal directly than going through the employer by attesting the application with a bank manager. Please check the procedure online.

  • imran

    i was employee for 2.5 years after resigned, my 10c is rejected and 19 is approved and ready for payment processing. can i get full PF amout?

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Imran
      Contact to EPFO. there may be some error in form. Try again. your will get your pension amount also.

      • imran

        Mishra Ji, EPF office solely depends on the PF forms furnished by Employer, it is tedious work to contact to employer get form filled and then submit to PF office. can any other way helps..? thanks

        • Chandrakant Mishra

          I can understand it is tedious But we have to face it.

  • Aniruddha

    Mishra ji
    Just now I have received the sms on pf transfer confirmation. Total time taken 3 weeks after employer confirmation. Thanks and happy new year.
    Rgds Aniruddha

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Thanks Aniruddha. Now after feedback of our readers I can say that online transfer has not reduced time. It has only reduced Hassle. Neverthless Congrats Aniruddha.
      Read my new post and enjoy the new year. 7 Long Weekend in 2014, 9 Opportunities Also

      • Aniruddha Sharma

        Thankyou Mishra ji. However in my new EPF account amount is not yet reflected. Curretn status online(web) is showing
        Current Status :Account Details received in EPFO IN office and under process.
        Let me wait for some days and will update you. Seems i am going to get notification once it is done. I think earlier notification was from EPFO OUT office.


        • Aniruddha Sharma

          Dear Mishra ji
          Status is changed to “Current Status :Your claim has been settled and credited to new account.” to reach this status total time taken is 30 days after employer approval.
          I would like to ask one more thing. My new PF account was opened in June-July 2013. However i am not able to view the details in epf website for this new account. Usually after how many days does it shows the new PF account details? After financial year ends or before that? i tried both the options download epassbook and SMS but same result – your data is not available. Please advice.

          Aniruddha Sharma

          • Chandrakant Mishra

            Congrats Aniruddha.
            It will be updated after the end of financial year. Also it may take till September 2014. 🙂

            • Aniruddha Sharma

              Dear Mishra ji,
              I am able to see the transferred amount in my new PF account. Earlier new pf was not showing account details. After logging a Grievance for new pf account i got the e-passbook via email and same is also available in EPF website. I thought to update you on this.

              Thanks a lot!!!


              • Thanks Aniruddha
                I like your persistence. Congrats. It also means that Filing grievance is good way to update things. I will also try. I can’t see my passbook as well.

                Chandrakant Mishra

                • Aniruddha Sharma

                  Yes sir…it is fast. Within 3 days they responded with full details 🙂


          • Lalit

            Mine has opened in Apr 2012. Its still not available.

  • Chandrasekar

    Sir, I’ve worked Pidilite last 2 years back, i’v sent my claim for withdrawal my PF amount. But Not yet get it. 2 time sent my claim form. Can i claim through Online…Pls Help me…

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Chandrashekhar.
      If you are working you can transfer your amount through online process. Else you have to go through the process what I have suggested to Gaurav in earlier comments.

  • ravi

    Hi, Could any one tell me for how long the Interest will be credited in PF account after leaving the job.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Ravi
      You will get interest till 3 years after quitting the job.

  • Sandeep

    Dear Chandrakant,

    Thanks for your valuable efforts on this forum.

    Sir I have few queries concerning my PF withdrawal/transfer

    Queries :-

    1. I left my last company after working for 4 and half years last month only. Now if I go ahead with withdrawals of my PF amount :-

    A) Are they taxable ?
    B) What percent of tax is liable on withdrawal of amount ?

    2. I tried to check my balance as per link provided by you in previous queries however there is No CPM code in my EPF number. It starts with DL/XXXXX/XXXXX (there are numbers in place of the X’s)

    3. I tried online transfer however same is the options available on the portal are :-

    DL CPM
    DS SHD
    DS NHP

    Thanks and Regards,


    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Sandeep
      1- if you withdraw your fund before 5 year it would be taxable. Your PF amount will be added to your total income. Then tax will be calculated according to your total income. So it is possible that would not be liable to any tax in case your have lower total income.
      2- Nothing to worry, Go through this link, search your establishment. You will get your other codes as well.
      3- same solution as above.

      • Sandeep

        Hi Chandrakant,

        thanks for the apt information

        i will keep you posted concerning my status as it can assist others in the forum as well,

        I have found the OLD and NEW PPF number from the link you provided

        once again very helpful thanks



        • Chandrakant Mishra

          Welcome Sandeep. Pleae Read my new blog post and give your valuable inputs.
          IRFC Tax Free Bonds – 6 Reasons to Subscribe

          • Sandeep

            Dear Chandrakant,

            I got the new PF number from present company as well. I went to the following link :-


            where I clicked on click here to login

            the same redirected me to following link :-


            How do I get the username and password to login ?

            am I following correct procedure to transfer my PF amount from old company provided account number to the new one ?



            • Aniruddha

              Hi Sandeep,
     is the correct link.

              • Sandeep

                Dear Aniruddha,

                Thats the same link I went however clicked on member login
                I assume we need to register at the link.
                so I did the same and confirmed I have the correct mobile number entered however didn’t receive the PIN.
                my queries :-
                1. Do we need to fill mobile number with state codes to get the sms ?
                2. if filled without state codes does it take time for PIN in my last it’s already been 30 mins now

                • Sandeep

                  Dear Aniruddha,

                  I saw the GETPIN box enabled again and I can click the same again.

                  also no options to enter state codes since only 10 digits mobile number can be entered so waiting again for the PIN.

                  • Sandeep

                    i finally got the PIN after trying atleast 4 times.

                    and got error after submitting.
                    now when am trying to resubmit it says mobile number already registered.

                    • Sandeep

                      I was able to login using my credentials and mobile number

                      what should be my next steps to transfer pf from old to new ?

                    • Anonymous

                      Please follow the instructions in this link. IT has step by step process.


  • Anonymous

    Hi Mishra,

    I had quite the job in Aug 2012, i had applied for withdrawal in the month of Dec 12. There is no reply from the consultancy, when i checked with the PF office they say that they have not received the form, please help me. My PF no. is TN/35791/264268.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hello Sir/Madam
      If you are going through the consultancy then first check with them. Else You can Fill the form yourself and get it approved by the employer. Further your employer will forward it.

  • Siddesh

    Hi Mishra
    I left one company last Feb-2013 still now PF not withdrawal. Now working another company, here again new PF account opened. so please tell me
    1. Is it possible transfer from old to new PF account? otherwise
    2. How to apply online withdrawal?


    • Chandrakant Mishra

      HI Siddesh
      You can transfer your PF amount. Please read the article.

  • Gaurav

    Hi Chandrakant

    I have a query related to PF withdrawal.
    My PF account is in Noida office and I current stay in Pune.
    My withdrawal documents are finally attested by my previous employer (based in Noida).
    My question is Can I send these documents to Pf office my Speed post since I can not submit them by physically visiting the regional office ?
    If yes, do I need to take care of anything like self declaration etc ?

    Thanks in Advance.


    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Gaurav
      You can post your documents via speed post. Please keep the receipt of speed post. Also have a copy of all the documents. After receiving the documents EPFO will mail you acknowledgment letter.

      • Gaurav

        Thanks Mishra Ji 🙂

        • Chandrakant Mishra

          Welcome Gaurav

  • Anonymous

    and Even I got a meesage like the specified amount has been transferred to the SBI-PF my own account (PF office maintains it)

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Congratulations. What is the total duration from the submission of the application.

  • Anonymous

    my status is one step far from that: EPFO In office recieved and its in process.

  • Gautam

    Hello Chandrakant,
    Before I put my problem, let me thank you for the special service you are doing in this space. You are relentless at it and appreciate your commitment. Please also answer my query:
    The situation:
    1. I worked for a firm for about 1.5/2 yrs. The separation was not smooth and do not have a relieving letter. But have some pay-slips and the pf account number for some Karnataka pf office. I did not transfer the account to my next job. I am not able to check the balance online, the format of the number seems old.
    2. I worked for about 9.5 yrs in the next firm, I could check the pf balance. Please remember the account is different that the first. The separation was smooth.
    3. My last job was for about one month, again the account was a new one. Here too there was no problem in separation. But not able to check the online balance.
    Now I am jobless for about six months and plan to start of my own.
    Considering the situation above, can you please let me know if I can take all the money, including one in the first situation. And how should I go about it?
    Like, shall I go for individual forms for the withdrawal or first consolidate and then take the money? Please provide your expert opinion.
    -Best Regards,

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Gautam
      First thing I would like to tell that only you are owner of your PF money. No one else can take that. As you have not any job you should withdraw the money. As your First PF account is very old so you are not able to view the status. File a grievance with whatever details you have. Also tell the company name and address. They should reply with your current status. Either you can directly apply for withdrawal without going to the employer. I have told the process in earlier comments.
      For second and third account go through your employer and withdraw the amount

  • Aniruddha

    As of now in this forum it is compelted only for one member in 15 days approx. Let’s wait for others.

    • Aniruddha

      After employer approval the process has taken 21 days. I got sms fomenting epfiindia office on 31 Dec that amount has been transferred to new account. I had submitted on 6th Dec….. approved by employer on 9th Dec. So far have not checked on Mujhe new pf account online. Seems pazsbook update will take some time.
      Will keep you posted on same.

      Specially thanks to mishraji for valuable advice and suggestions.

      Aniruddha Sharma

  • Hi.. before i was working in bangalore.. now i am going to withdraw my PF amount.. so my question is can i able to use my kerala bank account details to withdraw my pf amount? because i heard that i should give the same city (bangalore) bank account details to withdraw the same.. also kindly let me know if it is mandatory

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      It should not be the reason of rejection. You should give the same account number which was given earlier with PF account. It verifies that you are the right person.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I recently applied online for PF transfer. I came across 4 stages now.

    1) Attestation from Previos Employer (Called the employer and asked for attestation in a day.

    2) Then it goes to EPF Out Office (previous PF office)- Will update the status in a week as got recieved and is under proces. – 1 week

    3) The status will be moved to : Trasit between EPF Out and EPF In office – Will take 3 weeks to come into the status.

    4) Now the EPF In office will update the status – 1 Week

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      It is moving! Still better.

  • Rahul

    Hi Chandrakant ji, can i send my signed PF form along with photo and stamp to my previous employer by courier as office is far. will they attest the Form? i mean what the PF withdwal policy i need to there physically or it can managed by courier or FAX etc. Do i have to mention my current bank A/c No on the form while i send it to the employeer. in how many days they have to attest it. Actaully i don’t have my salary details with me as this is almost 6 yrs back. will they have the require details. I there any link where i can see how to fill PF form .Thanks in advance

    • Anonymous

      Courier is sufficient. Call yo the concerned person whose name epf is showing at forms status screen. That’s it.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hello Rahul
      You can send your form to your employer. Have a chat before that as precaution. They should attest the form. They verify that you have been thier employee and authorised person to get the PF amount.
      You need not to be present there.
      You should give the account number which has been your earlier salary account. your employer will verify that.
      Duration of attestation depends upon the promptness of your employer there is no minimum time stipulated.
      They must have all of your details.
      Go this link for form and instructions

  • Aniruddha

    Did anyone has successfully able to ONLINE transfer PF amount from previous organisation’s PF account to new organisations PF account? After previous employers Approval, how long it has taken for entire activity? Please share.

    • Aniruddha

      Okie…have just gone thru the blog of Anurag Sharma and Mishra ji. For Anurag it has taken 12 working days and total 20 calender days approx. I have initiated this process for myself. Fingures crossed 🙂

      Will update you. Thanks.

      • once employer approves from their end, still necessary to submit the signed copy? in my case employer approved it, next what are the status into system?

        • Anonymous

          No need yo resubmit after employer confirmation.

          • Have not submitted any document, still they approved it…just wanted to know that form submission is mandatory?

            • Chandrakant Mishra

              Hi Ankit
              It is upto them. They have to maintain the document. they would be answerable for any misdeed or fraud. Of course you will get the money. Cheers

          • ankit

            Once employer approved what are the next status in the system? how long would it take

            • Chandrakant Mishra

              Look at above comment.

      • Chandrakant Mishra

        Hi Aniruddha
        Hopefully you will also get your pf transferred within 20 days.

        • Aniruddha Sharma

          Yes Mishra ji, current status it is showing ” Transfer from old PF to new PF is in process”. Lets see now how long it is going to take. I have submitted on 6th dec. Approved by employer on 9th of dec. On 10th dec status was “initated to transfer”. So far it is moving good. Lets see the final and total time. I shall update you once it is done. Thanks a lot Mishra ji.

          • Chandrakant Mishra

            Thanks Aniruddha

  • Lalit

    Has even one person successfully completed transfer?

    • Lalit

      Current Status :Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office.

      Reached this status on today 18th after approval on 22nd Nov.

      • Chandrakant Mishra

        Hi Lalit. It is really slow.

        • Lalit

          Still stuck at same status.
          Current Status :Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office.

          Reached this status on 18th after approval on 22nd Nov.

          Any way to make it faster.

          • Chandrakant Mishra

            Hi Lalit. Please do share the total time whenever it get completed.

          • Lalit

            Current status: Your claim has been settled and credited to new account.
            on 11th january 2014.
            took 50 days to reach this status after employer approval.

  • govind

    My current status shown as:

    Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office.

    When can I expect the final transfer?

    • Lalit

      How long did it take to reach this status from previous status?

      • Lalit

        There are 15 steps in the transfer out office and 8 in the transfer in process.
        If it took 4 weeks to get to this stage then expect another 2 weeks at least.

        • govind

          It took one month to come to this status

          • Lalit

            Then expect 2 weeks easily. Even after that you will only see the new balance after the generation of 2013-2014 member balance statement by Sep 2014. However once the intimation letter is generated you can be sure that the amount has been transferred.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Govind Ji. Actually there is no set time frame for every step. But I think you will get it within 15 days.

  • Anonymous

    hi guru, My self Ravinder, last company eastablished in banglore and EPF office also. but my residence in delhi and we are working with new company, I will withdrawl EPF amount from banglore. How can apply in online system becuase we are doning first time in this type of site.

  • sang

    hi, i have completed 10 years service, can i withdraw my pension scheme, insted of pension certificate….

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      As you have completed 10 years of service you will get only pension that also after 60 years of age.

  • Vyas

    Hi Chandrakant ji, I have quit the organization about 18 months ago. Is online applying possible for withdrawl? Do i need to apply through the previous employer for the withdrawl? Will they calculate the interest till date or till the last date of employment?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Mr Vyas

      Online Withdrawal of PF is not started yet. You have to go through the previous employer. EPFO will give you interest till date.

  • Sandeep K Sinha

    My claim status got changed to the following last Friday the 22nd Nov, 2013 and I also got a SMS in this regard on Friday morning around 8 AM. How much does it usually take for the claim to be settled from this stage:

    Status : Claim Form 19 for PF Settlement AGAINST Member Account No (BGBNG00YYYYY000000ZZZZ) has been approved. Payment is under process.

    Status : Claim Form 10C for Withdrawal Benefit AGAINST Member Account No (BGBNG00YYYYY000000ZZZZ) has been approved. Payment is under process.

    • Lalit

      How long did it take from employer approval to reach this stage in days?

      • Chandrakant Mishra

        HI Lalit

        It also depends upon the promptness of regional PF offices. Overall it should not take more than one months.

  • govind

    Hi Chandrakant ji,

    Its being a more than 2 weeks, I am seeing the same status as below:

    Current Status :Claim Form 13 for Transfer to New Account Number: AGAINST Old Member Account No (XXXX) has been approved. Payment is under process.

    how long to keep patience to see it is processed 🙂


    • Anonymous

      How long did it take from it being approved by your employer for this status to appear? Please let me know. My employer has just approved now after 3 weeks.

    • lalit

      What all are the status of claim stages.
      Currently mine is at stage 2
      1) Claim Form Submitted .
      2) 22 Nov 2013 Claim Form Approved by Present Employer .

      What difference in days was there from stage 2 to your current stage.

    • karthik

      me too the same…waiting….called pf office but they are not saying anything…….

  • Rahul

    Hi Chandrakant,

    In reply to one of the members you have written that, we can draw EPF by getting the Form attested by a notary, bank manager etc. and write an application to EPF comissioner about the behaviour of the employer. Just want to ask is it neccessary to write this application. becoz the employer might give negative feedback due of this action to my new Employeer . i don’t want to get EPFattested form my previous employer becoz there office is quite far. They usually call me on working days which is not possible. can i get my EPF form attested by notary and not write any application. Is an application essential?

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Rahul

      Normally employee should forward their application through the employer. There should be genuine reason to bypass this channel. Also EPFO takes more care in processing the application which are not coming through the proper channel. It may happen that they would reject the application. In your case it will be better to take one day off and apply through your previous employer. You will have chance to catch up with your friends and colleagues. You can send scanned copy of application to your employer. Either use courier and send form to your employer within 3 days.


  • Eswar

    Hi Chandrakant,

    I worked in my previous company for 8 years until Aug-2013
    I have submitted form19 and 10C to pf office on 20-nov-2013.
    I have received acknowledge for the same.
    But today while verifying the status online it is showing the status only for form 19, There is no information about form 10C.

    Request you to suggest me what can I do now to get the details of Form 10c.


    • Chandrakant Mishra

      They should also give the information about your pension amount. File grievance with EPF portal. You should get your answer. Also share with us.

  • Vaibhav

    Dear Mr. Chandrakant,

    I wish to withdraw my PF amount as I am not working since over two months. This was my third job. I had got earlier PF amounts (accrued at first two jobs – work ex of 33 months and 12 months respectively) transferred to my latest company (where i was employed for 30 months). Overall, my work experience is over five years, and hence I believe there should not be any levy of tax on withdrawal. I wanted to know the list of documents that would be required by PF office to ascertain that I have worked continuously for five years (I guess it is too much to expect that they would have details of my previous employments – especially as it pertains to different PF offices).


    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Vaibhav

      You need not to worry about tax. As PF office do not deduct tax at source, it means that you will get your full amount. In case someone’s total initial PF account is less than 5 years old then also he is liable to tax on its total income. That is PF amount will be added in his income of that year for tax calculation. In your case as you have completed 5 years you are not required to give tax.


      • Vaibhav

        Dear Chandrakant,

        Thanks a lot for clarification. And to repeat what others have also mentioned, this blog of yours provides very useful information. Keep up the good work!


  • karthik

    actually i worked in a company for 4 months and then i transferred the pf to the current employer…can i get the pension amount as well as employer contribution…

  • karthik

    hi my friend….

    recently i applied for online pf transfer and the current status is the payment under process …for 7 days almost…how long ll it take to transfer to my current pf account

    • atul

      Hi Karthik……Is your PF transfer complete…… how long did it take to complete the transfer after status “payment under process”… thanks in advance

  • Kartika Chandra Nayak

    Hi Sir,
    I worked in a organization before one year, When I resign I not noticed before one month for company policy, now i phone to HR he said that U should be give us one months gross, then we clearance to U, please suggest me, what can i do.

  • Chandran

    I am retired from Service on 1.11.2013. Kindly let me know when I can apply for EPF from
    Thane and how much time it take for getting the money to my account?

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Namaskar Chandra Sir
      You can apply immediately as you are retired. Your employer itself should have forwarded your form. IT will take one month to get the money.

  • saurabh

    i want to withdraw my provident fund amount, please suggest on line withdraw process.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Saurabh
      Online withdrawal process is not started yet.

  • govind

    Dear Chandrakant,

    I have submitted transfer claim online to be attested through my previous employer. My previous employer has approved the claim form.

    What is next step to do on my side? What is time frame now it will take for actual transfer of fund to present PF account.


    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Govind

      Just wait. You are going to receive confirmation of transfer.

  • Anonymous

    Its been more than a month that I submitted my PF withdrawal form to the EPF Office through my ex employer but still havent received CLAIM ID yet. Pls suggest me whom to Contact for the same.


    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Contact to your employer after that you can track your status through the website.

  • Dear sir,
    i applied pf & pension.but i withdrawal only pf and my pension form is rejected,because my service period is less then six what i do our pension amount.please suggest me.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Dear Ravi
      You will not get your pension amount. Because 6 month service is mandatory for that.

  • Anonymous

    i dont have pf number i want to withdraw my pf amount without taking help from previous employer.pls suggest

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Visit regional PF Office and ask for PF number. After that you can withdraw your PF without your employer’s help. Read my earlier comment in this regard.

  • sachin aggarwal

    Hello Mr.Chandrakant,
    I was working with satyam bangalore and they opened my pf account with epfo hyderabad. I left the job in 2010. Now I am running my own business. I want to withdraw PF amout. Do I need to apply to EPFO hyderabad only as I am living in delhi. Is there any way That I can apply it here only in delhi, or else what can be the best possible process for me.

    Thanks n Regards,
    Sachin Aggarwal

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Sachin
      You have to apply with Hyderabad office. Talk to your previous HR department. you can download form and fill it yourself. After that you can send scanned copy to the employer and they will send it to the Hyderabad PF office. Else you can wait for online withdrawal process. but in this case you may loose interest as 3 years has been passed.

  • Dinesh K Parameswaran

    Hello Mr.Chandrakant,
    Thanks for the good information. It is very useful.I also have a query and hope to receive ur valuable suggestion.
    I left my previous job in India long back in 2005 and I have around Rs.50,000 in my account. 2 years back that company merged with another company. My question now is how can I withdraw the money from my EPF account? I know my number and the PF is held in the Delhi office. Please reply…Many Thanks..Dinesh

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Dinesh
      You should contact to the HR department of merged entity. They should forward your withdrawal application. Either wait for some more months online withdrawal facility may come handy to you.

  • India Finance Tips

    When online withdrawal feature will be available?

  • gautam p

    Hello sir,
    I have woked 5 yrs in previous company
    I have resigned on dated 31 may my prevs company not paid pf amount of last 3 month from march to may is not submitting my form to epf office. Pls let me know how can withdraw my pf amount.

  • Bikash Barik

    Hi Sir,

    I have submited my pf withdrawl form 2 months back in my last company.They have sent my form to RPFC on 14.10.2013 but as per my last comp it should not take more than 15 days.But still i am waitng for that.Can you please tell me when can i get my all those amount in my account

  • vivek singh

    My pf No is MH/4392/78282 Who To Prose of withdraw my pf Amount.

  • litesh

    Hello sir,

    Any solution for my below query……………….

    STATUS for Member ID: PBCHD00216100000000915

    Claim ID : PBCHD130500006783
    Status : Claim Form 10C for Withdrawal Benefit AGAINST Member Account No (PBCHD00216100000000915) has been rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim.

    Claim ID : PBCHD130500006781
    Status : Claim Form 19 for PF Settlement AGAINST Member Account No (PBCHD00216100000000915) has been rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim form.

    Reason of rejection: The reason of rejection is not available in database. You may please contact RO/SRO CHANDIGARH for further details

  • balaji gutte

    Please tell me the process of Online application For PF Withdraw form….

  • Sudhanshu

    Hi Chandrakant,
    I applied for PF transfer online last week and received a confirmation of submission and whom to contact.In the claim receipt its mentioned to submit this receipt signed to my previous employer. I did that as well since my ex-comp is a road apart from each other 🙂
    So now when should I expect the money to be transfered from there.

  • any news about epf withdrawal? when it will be launched…

  • suresh

    Hi Chandrakant,
    I appreciate your help to people through the blog.

    Like most of the people I am also facing problem with PF transfer. My previous employer has their own PF trust. When i initiated PF transfer through my current employer my previous employer promptly prepared a demand draft and send it to my current employer. But neither of them informed me about the transfer. It looks like my current employer lost/misplaced the demand draft. All this happened in Jan-2006. The PF transfer did not happened till now. Now my current employer is saying that he did not receive the draft. Where as my previous employer said that my account is clear with their trust, and also they gave me draft details (DD number, date, amount), annex-k as a proof of settlement. and they say it not their fault if draft is lost by some one else.
    I agree It my mistake that i did not track my PF transfer so long.

    I appreciate your suggestions in this regard…

    • suresh

      Hi Chandrakant,
      Any suggestions on the above issue.

      • Chandrakant Mishra

        Hi Suresh
        It is a tricky situation as many years have been passed. Now as you have draft number and date etc. If it is public sector bank then file RTI and ask where this amount was gone. It may be that money is remained with the draft issuing bank as unclaimed amount. If it is the case then through your previous employer redeem that amount. After that your previous employer will again initiate the transfer process.

  • litesh

    I have applied for PF before last 4 month. my PF had been rejected. but i don’t know what is the reason. i have also received a PF rejected SMS from epfo. but i don’t know where is my documents and what is the reason of reject.
    even employer is not send me any response..

    Dear Sir,
    Request to u please provide me the solution….

    • Ashish

      Register Grievance on EPFO website . You get reply with 24 hrs.

  • Anindya

    Dear Mr. Mishra,

    Glad to see the sincerity with which you are replying to all the queries. I wanted to share my experience so far with PF transfer.
    I currently have 3 PF accounts, One with my present employer and the other two with 2 previous employers going back to about 14 years which I have not been able to transfer yet inspite of many attempts including RTI filing.
    Today I filed an online transfer request successfully after many attempts for transfer of my more recent PF account which is 5 years old. I will be sending the attestation form to my previous employer tomorrow.
    The other account is no longer visible on the EPFO website and for that I have a mail to the EPFO helpdesk mail id as was provided on the website.
    I will try to keep you updated on the progress of my efforts.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Namaskar Anindya
      Thanks for encouragement. I am eager to listen your progress. Keep me updated.


      • Anonymous

        Further to my last post on 21st Oct, I am happy to inform that the final status on the EPF portal shows that the finds from my last PF account has finally been transferred to my new account.
        20 Oct 2013    Claim Form Submitted .
        07 Dec 2013    Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer .
        Current Status :Your claim has been settled and credited to new account.

        Total of about 9 weeks of which about six weeks for my former employer to approve the application and rest for the PF office to process.

        Now to work on my other account which is not visible on the site and no replies to my mails at the helpdesk either. Thanks to all who have kept the flame going on this issue.

        • Chandrakant Mishra

          Congrats. It means EPFO takes about 3 weeks to process rest time belongs to your employer.

  • Madhav


    i was unable to see the option of withdraw. Is this option will be for every one.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      EPFO has not implemented Online Withdrawal Facility Yet.

  • litesh
  • Abhishake

    Hi Chandrakant,
    I left the job 5 years before ,can i withdraw the PF amount ?what is the way to withdraw the PF.But Company is closed .


    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Abhishek
      You must withdraw your EPF ASAP. If you are employed you can also transfer. Transfer will be easy in your case. For withdrawal you have to get your PF money without attestation of employer. For that you have to fill the EPF and EPS withdrawal form yourself and get it it attested by any of these
      -PSU Bank Manager
      – Gazetted officer
      – Magistrate
      – Postmaster
      – Notary

      Send this Form to the regional PF commissioner stating that company does not exist now. If you have any proof attach it also. Wait for at least a month. If it does not get processed you can file RTI also.

  • Shivang Garg

    Hi is it possible to withdraw old provident funds because at present i am self employed & not working with any organization.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Shivani

      Yes it Very much possible. EPF is your money you can withdraw it.

  • Naveen

    Hi Chandrakanth,
    My previous company Patni Computers System is closed (merged with iGate), but I have not transferred the PF to my new account. When I tried for the Eligibility of PF transfer, I got a message “Since Previous establishment ID MHBAN0018734000 have not registered the digital signatures of their authorised signatories, you cannot submit the transfer claim online. It is advised to submit physical claim through previous or present employer.”

    Is there any way I can do the transfer?.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Naveen
      It is not a big problem. As your previous company does not exist there is no question of providing it digital signature. You have to apply through the previous company that is iGate in your case. It is also possible that iGate also did not provide digital signature till now. Ask to your HR department whether they will give the digital signature in next one month, If yes you can wait for online process. Else You can go through the offline process.

      Also Naveen, since your company is merged, the new HR department should initiate the PF transfer process of all the employees by itself. Check once with them.

      • Naveen

        Will do.
        Thanks for the response Chandrakant.

  • Kiran Chavan

    Dear sir,

    I am Kiran Chavan from Pune.I have applied for PF money withdrawal of previous company.The PF money has been sanctioned .But the problem is i have checked online account of EPFO it showing that the money has been transferred to another account which is unknown to me.Please suggest me what should be my next step to get PF money.Please guide me for this as soon as possible.I even spoken to PF Office they telling me to enquiry from Company what should i do Please help to get rid of this problem.

    Thanks & Regards
    Kiran Chavan

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Kiran
      I can understand this is a worrisome problem. There are two probabilities of this problem. It might happen that you have entered wrong account number in your application form. Check with your employer whether it’s HR office maintained copy of your application. If that is the case then PF office can’t be responsible for that. But Don’t worry there is still chance to recover your money. You have to work fast for that. Go to your bank with the account number in which money is transferred, Ask the name, address and contact number of the account holder. Now File a lien with that person’s bank. After that you can contact that very person and request for reimburse. You can also file a case in court to recover your money. I advise you to contact a business lawyer in this regard.

      If mistake is on the part of EPFO then immediately file RTI about the status of the money. Act fast. I would also like to know about your case plz do Share with me.

  • govind

    Hi Chandrakanth,

    Thanks for reply to my earlier query.

    The printable Transfer Claim Form (Form-13) can be saved in the system. The member
    has to take a printout of the printable PDF file of Form 13, sign it and submit it to the employer chosen by the member to complete the process of claim submission by the member.

    1) After submitting Claim form for attestation to previous employer, what member has to do going forward?

    2) Generally, How long it takes for transfer of PF to new PF account.

    3) By doing so, whether pension fund (8.33% of employer contribution) is also transfer along with PF fund or do we need to separately request for its transfer.

    Your response will highly appreciable.


    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Govind
      1- You have to go to the previous employer and submit the form with them. For precaution take two copies of that and take recieving in one. Now you have not to do anything except tracking. Your employer will attest your application online.
      2- Govind Online transfer Facility has just started, we have to see how much time it takes. Logically it should take lesser time than offline process. EPFO says that it will take 3 days in processing But my estimate is one to two week.
      3- Govind your pension fund will also transfer with this.

  • Manoj kumar Shakya

    Hello Mr. Mishra

    I would like to wait for online withdrawal facility to withdraw my old PF accounts, but when I am trying to see my balance using my PF number provided by the employer its format is not matching and not showing any balance even putting zero in place of missing number

    For example my PF account number provided by the company is MH/PUN/34224/nnnnn while checking the balance of the account by putting PU/PUN/0034224/000/nnnnn nothing is being displayed.
    Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this PU/PUN/0034224/000/00nnnnn

    please suggest.

    – Manoj Kumar

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Manoj
      You are doing right, I Think You should try without prefix of 00. Else Check with your employer. There is possibility that in PF records your name has some spelling errors.

  • Hi Chandrakanth,

    When Online PF claim settlement will start. Is there any deadline. One more question..if i don’t get my PF form attested by my employer (in case of Offline) can i get it done by a bank manager ..i read it one a website that bank manager, gusted officer, magistrate can attested the form if employer is creating problems. Your blog is simply best and very helpful. Thanks

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Ajay

      Online EPF transfer service is working now. For withdrawal there is no deadline. Let EPFO take its time.
      You have read correct you can withdraw your money by above process.
      Thanks for encouragement

  • Govind Goyal

    Hi Chandrakant Mishra,

    Could you please let me know the procedure for filing online PF transfer from previous employer to present. My previous employer has registered digital signature on EPFO portal but not present.

    Also how to proceed further after submitting the online form. Is there any timebound after submitting online form.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      hi Govind
      Go through this link . There is complete flowchart. While filling form choose previous employer for verification. It should be processed within two weeks.

  • Jatin Thapar

    Hi.. Could you please let me know where can I put the online EPF withdraw request.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Jatin
      Online Withdrawal process has not started yet. Online Transfer process is on. If you are working you should go through this.

  • Radah

    Hi Chandrakanth,

    I have a strage case and would really appreciate your guidance.

    I had worked in 4 companies. I have 4 PF accounts. All 4 accounts are inactive since I am not working from last 3 years. All 4 of them have different surnames.
    1. Radha Kumari
    2. Radha Kumari Sharma
    3. Radha Sharma
    4. Radha — this is the last one

    Please clarify is it possible to merge/transfer/club all these PF account money is 4th Account with name Radha and then withdraw it? Bcos the bank account right now I have has my name as ‘ Radha’ without any last name/surname…

    Please clarify… I will really appreciate ur help. If possible please send ur reply at [email protected] (my husband’s email id)

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Radha

      Indeed it is a strange case. If you want to transfer your epf amount from one account to another you have to run from pillar to post. You have to to every employer they will accept forward your application of name change first. Then you have to initiate transfer process. Either apply for withdrawal via every company using the respective names. IF your company attests your application with your current account then there should not be any problem.

      Actually I havn’t came across to this type of problem. But this is for sure that your employer must have to verify you in this case. Go and talk to them. Also Do share with us. It will be helpful for many other readers.

  • Sridhar

    Hi Chandrakanth, This is good forum to be in. I really appreciate your effort in regards. I have couple of clarifications.
    1) I applied for PF transfer in July-2012 but it still I didnt see the status updated. Can I do that again online now?
    2) I have my e-passbook downloaded from Jan-2012(new job) to till now, I didnt see any intrest added in Apr-2013, saw it on Apr-2012.
    3) I tried to download my earlier E-passbook(before Jan-2012), it says its not available and will recieve an sms once its available. But I placed the request more than a month before, but still its not.

    Thank you !!!

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Sridhar

      1- It has been long time. You should file your transfer application again preferably online.
      2- Download your passbook after sometime It will be updated. EPFO takes time to update the passbook. Also they are introducing real time balance status. You can get to know about the current balance
      3- Yes Sridahr same happened with me. Try know your EPF balance facility at least you will be able to know the balance.

      Thanks for appreciation

  • nagendra reddy

    Hi Chandrakant,

    I have pf account with rs. 36,000/- , i left job on 1st july 2013 without serving notice period, i got relieving letter for the same. then i approached hr for pf money- company hr is asking me to pay rs 45,000/- for not serving notice period and without it they will not process my pf withdrawl form,

    i am in bangalore, my pf account is maintained in delhi epfo regional office, now i dont have job and i want to withdraw it,

    can you please guide me to withdraw my pf money,
    can i withdraw it online? or is it possible if i submit withdrawl forms in bangalore epfo office?

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Nagendra
      Your Employer can’t deny to process your EPF claim. It against the EPF rules. So next time you communicate with your employer in writing Also you can mark your mails to your regional PF commissioner. Also tell your employer in straight words that you are going to take legal action. I think this should solve your problem.
      Either you can get your PF money without attestation of employer. For that you have to fill the EPF and EPS withdrawal form yourself and get it it attested by any of these
      -PSU Bank Manager
      – Gazetted officer
      – Magistrate
      – Postmaster
      – Notary

      Send this Form to the regional PF commissioner stating the behavior of your employer. If you have any proof attach it also. Wait for at least a month. If it do not get processed you can file RTI also.

      I must say that no one can take your EpF money. It belong to you. Please do share your experience further with us.

      • nagendra reddy

        Hi Mishra,

        Today, I completely filled
        form-19 and form-10c both attested by notary public, along with
        (Cancelled cheque,
        A letter to pf commissioner stating my employer is not co-operating,
        Relieving letter copy,
        Pan card copy,
        Appointment letter copy,
        PF statement copy)

        Then filed them and couriered it to regional pf commissioner delhi south,

        I will update here my case further, hoping positive settlement,

        Great Thanks to you for lighting the Torch here.

        • nagendra reddy

          My Application Status:

          STATUS for Member ID: DSNHP**************

          Claim ID : DSNHP*****************

          Claim ID : DSNHP*****************

          • Chandrakant Mishra

            I Hope that you will receive your amount soon. keep updated.

          • Chandrakant Mishra

            I hope You will receive your amount soon. Keep updated.

          • Anonymous

            My Withdrawal Application Status:
            Rejected & Rejection letter is under dispatch, yet to receive letter.

            Claim ID : DSNHP13110000****
            Status : Claim Form 19 for PF Settlement AGAINST Member Account No (DSNHP***************) has been rejected.
            Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim form.
            Reason of rejection: The reason of rejection is not available in database. You may please contact RO/SRO DELHISOUTH for further details

            Claim ID : DSNHP13110000****
            Status : Claim Form 10C for Withdrawal Benefit AGAINST Member Account No (DSNHP***************) has been rejected.
            Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim.

            • Chandrakant Mishra

              File a Grievance IN EPFO portal. You may get the reason of rejection

          • nagendra reddy

            RECEIVED ON 04.11.2013 ,
            REJECTED ON 14.11.2013,

          • nagendra reddy

            My withdrawal form was rejected,
            i didnt get Rejection letter, but i am assuming the reason for rejection could be:
            1) i gave HDFC bank account details in form (as mandatory is ‘scheduled bank’ account as mentioned in forms)
            2) forms were attested by Notary public
            3) i mentioned my present employer name & address, but actual employer name in pf statement is old employer name(before acquisition)

            So I applied again,
            the documents i submitted are:
            1) SBI cheque & details
            2) forms attested by SBI Bank Manager
            3) i mentioned employer name & address (as per that is in pf statement)
            4) and i also submitted ‘Indemnity Bond’ attested by notary – this is for declaration that i left service and am not working presently,

            indemnity bond format available at:

            Hoping Approval this time…:))

            Mishraji, I will update my application status further.

        • nagendra reddy

          Hi Mishra,

          When i spoke with sbi bank manager regarding pf withdrawal, he attested the forms after verifying bank account details, On both the forms (10c & form 19), where employer signature is required-he attested there.

          He asked me will this forms get approved? nowhere it is mentioned asking bank manager to sign, because it is mentioned asking ’employer signature/ authorised official’ on form 10c
          And ‘designation & seal’ on form 19.

          I ask you, will my forms get approval??

          If not approved then i have to transfer after getting job. (only option i am left with).


          • nagendra reddy

            My withdrawal claim forms status : RECEIVED ON 30.11.2013 IS UNDER PROCESS

            • Chandrakant Mishra

              Good Nagendra. Hopefully You will get your fund soon.

          • nagendra reddy

            Hi Mishra,

            My withdrawal claim forms are again rejected, i registered grievance on epfo portal.

            • Chandrakant Mishra

              Hi Nagendra

              let us see what is the reply.

          • nagendra reddy

            Hi, I am surprised for a quick reply to grievance, here is reply:

            Dear Sir/Madam,
            This is with reference to your Grievance registered vide Registration Number DELSO/E/2013/07696.
            It is informed that your grievance is being treated as non-actionable due to the following reason(s):
            Withdrawal claim forms 19 & 10C have been returned to the member vide letter dated 03.12.2013 with a request to re-submit the same along with service proof or ID proofs.

            Therefore, we are closing your grievance from this office.Please quote the same in your future correspondence.

          • Nagendra Reddy

            Hi Mishra,

            I applied again (third time).

            as per the greivance i filed says:: Withdrawal claim forms 19 & 10C have been returned to the member vide letter dated 03.12.2013 with a request to re-submit the same along with service proof or ID proofs.

            I didnot get any any letter or forms returned by them, so i again went to SBI bank and got attested on both forms, then sent to epfo delhi south along with ID proofs & service proofs copies, letter to officer/pfc,

            One rupee stamps are not available now in post office, so got them at rs.10 each stamp in some roadside shop.

            • Chandrakant Mishra

              Hi Nagendra
              I appreciate your relentless effort. This is very rare trait. You should go higher in the life. Cheers

          • nagendra reddy

            Hey Mishra…

            I think It is not possible to withdraw PF money without employer attestation.

            I reapplied for pf withdrawal (with sbi bank manager attestation on forms) as per their request in greivance filed by me,
            Again they rejected, i again filed GRIEVANCE ON 16/12/2013,
            reply on 18/12/2013 is follows–
            Details of Final Reply : You are advised to submit claim forms duly attested by the authorised signatory of the establishment.

            FORMS RECEIVED ON 11.12.2013
            FORMS REJECTED ON 16/12/2013
            GRIEVANCE FILED ON 16/12/2013
            GRIEVANCE REPLY ON 18/12/2013

            Actually I didnt had any idea what PF deduction was for in payslips, but I was just curious about withdrawing once i came to know it is given back to us.
            There are still many like me who thinks this deduction is mandate in salary 😐

            I have read your other blogs as well, they are really helpful financial tips in real life.

            Thank you….Bubye…..

          • nagendra reddy


            This is Latest reply to grievance :

            Details of Final Reply : You are advised to submit fresh forms to this office duly filled along with service proof and ID proof. You must enclose an application regarding non attestation from the employer for some reason. This office will depute an Enforcement Office to get the claim forms attested from the employer.

            can you please guide me what application should i enclose regarding non attestation from the employer. ?
            is there separate application for this or will some letter is suffice?

            if i apply again this will be my 4th time in filing withdrawal application,


            • Chandrakant Mishra

              Hi Nagendra

              Actually You should state in separate application why you are bypassing the employer. You must give the reason as ‘non cooperation’ from the employer side, whatever it may be. Actually going directly to the EPFO is not the standard procedure because there is more chance of fraud through this way. That is why you have to clearly tell the reason behind opting direct application. If you have any Proof of non cooperation also attach that. There is no prescribed application form, you have to write in blank paper addressing to regional PF commissioner.
              Cheers Sir,

              • nagendra reddy

                Hi Mishra,

                Just saw your pm, thank you for following up,

                I applied again as told by them (mentioned above), didnot get any reply and when i checked for status this time my claim forms are not updated as received.

                But they are delivered to the pf office, i feel there is mistake in my application form. I assume it is like the canceled cheque should have my name printed on it, since my bank account is new with sbi i didnt had my name on cheque when i applied for pf 🙂 .

                But whatever may the reason, After getting job i can transfer it and I dont like to opt for pf in my next job, since this pf cut will reduce my home loan amount eligibility (planning for home loan).

                So I gave up.

              • Nagendra Reddy

                Hi Mishra,

                I joined a new company last week,

                I requested to opt out of PF, and told them about form 11 and i have a option not to choose PF.
                The respective manager just said: membership of PF is MANDATORY!
                and opting out of it was possible 5 years ago, but now it is a mandate for all.

                I didnt wanted to talk much with them, since i was a new joinee & it was my first day at office.
                sadly i had to opt & sign those forms.

                Surprisingly a point in offer letter about PF states:
                Once we submit the forms to PF office, we does not have any control and we are not responsible for delays
                and issues related to the PF process. It is advisable that the employee follows-up with the PF authorities.

                Mishra, there is no such thing as PF is an Option, everyone has to go with the painfull process of withdrawal, transfer,
                changes etc..

                EPFO is not a trusted company, just google epfo frauds, you will find a lotof fishy news about it.


  • Chandrakant Mishra

    Hi Kumar
    Unfortunately I don’t have exact date for online withdrawal process. I Think even EPFO itself would not be sure about the exact date.


  • Manja

    Update: Not working in IE, working in other browsers.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Thanks Manja for information. Please do share your experience after completing the process.

  • Laasya

    Dear Mishra,

    Sorry, I couldn’t able to understand the Pension fund. Is it possible to withdraw it along with PF before 10 years. Please advise of the terms and conditions.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Laasya
      From your employers EPF contribution 8.33% of salary goes for pension. But it can’t exceed more than 541 rupees. This contribution ensures a certain pension to every worker after the age of 60. This amount is managed along with EPF. Whenever we transfer PF, pension amount also get transferred with it. If your EPF account is less than 10 years and you leave the service, You can withdraw the pension fund along with the PF. But if you have completed more than ten years in service then you can get only the pension that also after the age of 60


  • Manja

    Online PF claim portal is live, but it is not accepting the form (Final Submit button is not working). It means it is not working still.

  • vikash

    my name is vikash i left my last organisation 1 year back without notice period/without any information and now i want to withdrawal my PF amount. i have my PF number with me so please suggest me what i can do.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi vikash
      Legally your organisation can’t withhold your PF. It remains with the EPFO. But EPFO don’t give the PF money unless it is verified that your are the genuine person. Therefor employer attestation is sought. Employer can use this power and may not verify you. But relax with the online transfer system your new employer can also verify you. So don’t worry start with the online transfer process.


  • Laasya

    Dear Mishra,

    Could you please advise here:

    [1] I have just downloaded the EPF e-Passbook, and there it is shown as “Interest Updated upto 31/03/2011”. What happened to the interest after 31/03/2011 ? But date for the Closing Balance is shown as 07/10/2013, and no interest is added after 31/03/2011. I heard that interest will be added for the 3 years from the date of resignation.(My resignation date: 13-May-2010). I initiated PF tranfer to the current company 10 days back.

    [2] Some PF got “Diverted to Pension fund”, when I will get this pension fund.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Laasya
      Normally EPFO add interest after the end of the financial year. Further this is updated till 30 September of next financial year. In your case if you download the passbook it should show interest updated till 31/03/2013. As you have initiated PF transfer whole amount with interest will get transferred. Also check whether your previous employer submitted your contribution of PF till your resignation.

      Pension fund also get transferred with the pf money. You can also withdraw this money with the PF amount. But in case you have been in service for more than 10 years then you will get pension only. That also after the age of 60.

  • Pankaj

    hi, just saw EPF site which shows a Live link to transfer my PF. but i am having a confusion. using this feature, will i get my money in my bank account or new PF account?

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Pankaj
      This link is only for online transfer. Your money will go to your new PF account. Bank account column is for verification purpose and records.


  • Kumar Rathod

    Dear Sir,

    My self Kumar Rathod from Pune,Maharashtra.
    My PF Status is showing HAS BEEN RECEIVED ON 26.09.2013 IS UNDER PROCESS.
    Please le me know how much time it will take to get money transfers to my bank account.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Kumar
      Normally it takes one month to process the PF transfer. wait for some more days.


    • Anurag Sharma

      Hi Mr. Rathod,

      Please confirm once you receive the funds transferred to your account. Me too is waiting for my PF transferred and wanted to check how much time it generally takes.

      Anurag Sharma

  • suresh Kumar Mishra

    Hi i have to know my PF Bal;ance how i will know it

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Suresh

      Go to this link. EPFO will send SMS of balance till last financial year.



  • Anonymous

    Guys ,when will the facility to withdraw pf online??
    As of now the facility is launched to transfer pf online but in this case too we need to send the form to the employer…what is this Man..!!

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Man !!

      This is disgusting! 🙁

      • Gaurav

        Yep buddy..waited so long for this to happen..but still no result..partial launch by epfo in nearly disgusting manner.
        Personally,I think they are not gonna launch the withdrawal facility online..:(

        • Chandrakant Mishra

          Hi Gaurav

          I think they will launch that also. Because it will make there life also easy.

  • Souvik Mukherjee

    I have a question. As mentioned by you in your earlier posts that we tend to forget to transfer our PF from our old organization. It so happened that my first job’s (almost 8 years back) PF amount is still lying in the account, however I don’t have the track of the PF number. I had been to my old organization however due to some technical up-gradation I was told that only data from 2007 onwards is available with them and since my resignation was in 2005, they have not been able to obtain any data regarding my pay-slip details and the respective PF number. I have the relieving letter as well as the employee ID of the previous organization but I don’t have the PF number. So what’s the procedure for obtaining the PF number? Any idea on this?

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Souvik

      Now you only hope is the regional PF office. Visit there with company name, Employee number and your personal details. They should provide you the PF number.

      • souvik mukherjee

        @chandrakant Mishra: Thank you so much for the info!

  • Nishanth

    And unfortunately I cant transfer, my stupid previous company management had not submitted their digital signatures, how a company management can be so irresponsible.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Nishant

      What I have read in the website you can transfer PF online if your previous employment data available at EPFO website. But in this case your present employer should have digital signature.

  • Nishanth

    Hey people online PF claim portal is live now you can check… 😀

  • Anuj

    With six out of 10 EPF accounts inactive and a whopping R23,000 crore lying unclaimed in these 6 crore dormant accounts, the EPF is rolling out the new transfer system before Diwali to help a majority of its subscribers to either withdraw or move their savings to active accounts, central provident fund commissioner KK Jalan told FE on Friday.

    • nagendra

      Keeping someone else’s money with them amounting to 23,000 CRORE RUPEES, and with major technology exporting firms in our country,

      Why EPFO never had real-time database systems and still not bothered much about upgrading software faster,

      Cooled a little, after all in 2013, they came to light (i guess someone forced them to) and promising they will go online,

      • Chandrakant Mishra

        Yes Nagendra
        They don’t have any competition therefore no compulsion to upgrade with the time.

  • Vikram

    Stop day dreaming guys; Lazy Epfo fat bellies wont do anything which make their work tough and takes out their upper income in processing claims/transfers.

    • Chandrakant Mishra


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your reply Mishra 🙂 You are doing a great job.

  • Rajbir Singh

    any some pls. let me know the link for the online EPF transfer website.and plz give the information for online PF withdrwal

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi rajbir
      It is not operational yet. Link would be on the website of EPFO India

  • ravi prakash

    sir,i can apply online pf withdraw from 1 october 2013.

  • Anonymous

    i am iqbal and i am is under EPF facility last 28 month. But till date doesn’t tally my PF amount ..and plz give the information for online PF withdrwal

  • bathini

    ok..i got it .you have already answered to same question. let me ask onemore question.
    And Since i am planning to withdraw PF amount before 5 years, would it be taxable now ?


    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Bathini
      It would be taxable.

  • bathini

    I left my previous company 3 years back , where i worked just for 4 months.
    I have not withdraw my PF amount yet. I contacted HR of that company, he told me to submit Form19, Form 10C and pay slips.
    Shall i proceed with this process or Can i withdraw through online ?

  • Chandrakant Mishra

    You should First check your salary slip. It should be there. Either you can ask to your employer or visit PF office

  • sheema

    Please tell me,I forget my PF bank account, that’s why i can’t get my PF, what can i do for the same.

  • Anurag Sharma

    Hi Mr. Mishra,

    I really appreciate your efforts and time to provide us with this detailed information.
    I am trying to withdraw the PF money from my first employer, IBM. I have received the confirmation from IBM and now, I need to submit my completed form, processed by IBM to Gurgaon PF Office.
    However, I am on-site now a days. I have few questions:
    1. Should I wait for the online withdrawl option to come up? I am waiting for that since July 01, 2013 but it’s already Sept end and I don’t see it.
    2. Is it necessary for me to be there while submitting my form at PF Office? Can my family members can go and submit that for me?
    3. Can I post my PF form to PF Office Gurgaon?

    Thanks again for the information.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Anurag Sharma

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Anurag I think You should First post your signed form to your family member and they should visit the PF office.

      • Anurag Sharma

        Thanks Mr. Mishra!
        While visiting the EPFO website, I noticed that Member Portal and Employee portal are down for maintenance till Sept 27.
        Can it be a good news that they are upgrading the portal to start the Online Claim option?
        I think I should wait for a couple of days before getting it processed through PF Office. Isn’t it?

        • Chandrakant Mishra

          अनु्राग जी
          आपके मुंह में घी शक्कर। By the way maintenance is extended till 29 September. Let us see what comes out.

          • Anurag Sharma

            LOL Mishra Ji,

            All wait went waste. They have activated just the transfer option. That too is not complete online option.
            They just made fool. If I need to go and submit my form to employer personally, what is the purpose of online option.

            • Chandrakant Mishra

              Sharma ji Namaskar
              Yes I can understand your long wait. But not everything is that bad. Online transfer will certainly reduce processing time because it does not involve transfer of papers. There would be transparency also. If employer deliberately do not attest your application you can take him to task by using RTI and making case against him.

          • Anurag Sharma

            Dear Mr. Mishra,

            Finally, my form completed/approved has been submitted to Gurgaon PF office. I have received the confirmation message as well that my PF Withdrawal process has been initiated with a reference number dated Oct 14, 2013.

            So, now, in how many days I can expect my money to hit my account? Is there any chance now that the withdrawal request can be rejected?

            One more time all over again, I really appreciate your advise and guidance.

            Anurag Sharma

            • Chandrakant Mishra

              Namaskar Anurag

              It should take less than one month. There is a little chance of rejection. But if your company is cooperating and withdrawal request is genuine, there should not be any problem.


        • Anurag Sharma

          Mishra Ji,

          Sadar Namaskar!

          My PF claim has been approved. Below is the status:

          Status : Claim Form 19 for PF Settlement AGAINST Member Account No (GNGGN00XXXX0000000XXXX) has been approved. Payment is under process.

          Claim ID : GNGGNXXX0000XXXXX
          Status : Claim Form 10C for Withdrawal Benefit AGAINST Member Account No (GNGGN00XXXX0000000XXXX) has been approved. Payment is under process.

          As the payment goes through NEFT, should I expect the fund to be transferred in another few hours now?

          Surprisingly, I am really happy to see the fast progress. Within 10 working days, the claim has been approved. Payment under process should not take more than a day I guess because of the NEFT.


          Anurag Sharma

          • Anurag Sharma

            Nashkar Mishra Ji,

            With all your help and guidance, I was able to complete the process. Trust me, your blog and answers to various people helped me a lot to understand the complete procedure.

            I have received the money transferred to my account today dated October 30, 2013.
            I submitted my form on October 14, 2013.

            So, total 16 calendar days (12 working days) it took overall, which I guess is quite good, looking at the complaints raised by many people.

            In terms of money as well, I got more than what I expected based on my calculations.

            Once more, salute to the assistance you are providing to the people selflessly.

            CHEERS!!!! It’s party time!!!! LOL..

            I know, it’s emergency funds (good amount indeed) and I’ll invest it cautiously. But, it calls for a small party for the efficiency of the EPFO department.

            Anurag Sharma

            • Chandrakant Mishra

              Congrats Anurag.

              It is very good to see that online transfer process is working fine. CHEERS!!!!. Now you have got the money but I may miss a devoted reader of my blog.

        • Anurag Sharma

          Hello Mishra Ji,

          Though, I might not visit the blog but trust me, I have shared it with lot many people. 🙂

          And, till the time EPF and issues related to it are there, your blog will be the most helpful information available.


          Anurag Sharma
          ([email protected])

          • Chandrakant Mishra

            Thanks Anurag

            I really appreciate your benevolence.


          • Sandeep K Sinha

            Hi Anurag,
            How many days did it take for receiving the payment from the time the status changed to “payment is under process”?

  • Samit

    I was searching for information on how to withdraw from PF account, I came across this page, I must Thank you for providing such detail information. It is really amazing to see your reply for each and every questions asked (most of the time there are repeated/duplicate questions).
    I have few question regarding PF withdrawal, Visiting PF office to complete the process is out of question, I tried once in Bangalore, it’s seems, language is a biggest problem here (I don’t understand any South Indian Language). Next option would be ‘PF Consultants’,
    Question 1:- Do you think they are helpful ? I know, one of my friend who failed to get his PF money (through pf consultants).
    Question 2:- What would be the best reason to specify (in terms of getting approval from PF office) (Note:- I have completed 12yrs of work, I have a house and want to go for the next one, any of the following would be fine with me)
    a. PF money to close my previous house loan ( Bank – Oriental Bank OF Commerce, Builder – Local builder of Bangalore)
    b. To buy new flat / plot (Location – Bangalore or any other city)

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Samit
      Thanks for kind words.

      Ans 1- PF consultants are there to ease your hassle, to do paperwork and fast tracking your application through their contacts. So by paying them you can have these luxuries. Normally Approval or disapproval is not in their hands.
      Ans2- You can withdraw Pf money only for genuine need. They will not sanction it for foreclosing the home loan. You can withdraw money for buying the house for self dwelling. Actually we should understand that EPF is forced saving for our retirement years. Why it is forced? Because many of us are unable to assess the retirement needs. You will agree that sometimes this type of forced saving would become very helpful in challenging times. In my opinion (of course you did not ask) You should not put your retirement money in property market. Markets are volatile, property prices can’t always rise in fast pace.

  • Laasya

    Hi Sir,

    I am new to this site, got lot of information when I am navigating thoughtout the site. Thanks a lot for updating the useful information. Please advise if online PF withdrawal is available or any expected date? I didn’t withdraw/transfer my previous company PF account and its already 3.4 years over. I heard settlement has to be done within 3 years, is it possible to withdraw my previous PF account now.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi laasya
      Yes EPFO promised to settle PF transfer and Withdrawal within 3 days after the start of online process. But they are repeatedly delaying to start this facility. Now as you are loosing interest and there is no certainty about online withdrawal, hence you should apply for offline withdrawal. It takes one month average time to settle.

  • Arun

    Hi Mr.Mishra,

    I was working in company in 2011 for one year and left the company and joined a new one, after joining the new one i have applied for transfer of of my PF from the old company PF number to the new company PF account, its almost more than one and half year, but i dont know whether the PF amount is transfered. When i checked in online with my old PF account its showing the amount is settled, but when i check the balance of the new account the amount is not reflection. I tried downloading the passbook and see, but it was not reflecting in that also.
    Kindly let me know how can i check the transfered amount.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Mr Arun

      Please Check the date until your account is updated. I think it would be till 31st march 2012. EPFO gives the balance of last financial year. And it is reflected till 30th September. It means that till today we can see the balance as on 31st March 2012. You should wait till this month after that check again.

  • Aditya Rivonkar

    Thank you very much Mr. Mishra….Keep up the good job

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Your welcome Aditya.

  • Rajshikhar Molasaria

    Hello Mr. Mishra,

    Is it necessary to have a savings account to withdraw the PF money? The HR of my wife’s company told some thing really bizarre, we need to have a savings account or in case we do not have one, we need to convert the salary account to savings account, post which only the PF money would be transferred. The HR didn’t accept the PF form filled out by us as it was a salary account. I never came across such a problem myself in past. Please suggest.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hello Mr. Rajshekhar

      Even I am surprised after reading this. Salary Account is itself saving account. HR must have some misunderstanding. To avoid your stubborn HR you can open another saving account. It has become very easy now.

      • Rajshikhar Molasaria

        Thanks a lot Mr. Mishra. I appreciate your promptness.

  • Nagendra

    Hi Mishra,

    i have left my job in jan 2012 and i have not claim my pf, can it be claim through online process

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Nagendra
      Online Transfer and withdrawal is not started yet.

  • Aditya Rivonkar

    Hello Mr. Mishra

    We appreciate your good job.

    I have left my organization in Sept. 2013.My ex-employer is unwilling to sign pf claim form.As per the above article for online pf withdrawal the onus of form verification lies with the PF office.
    In case i send the pf withdrawal form through online system will it be much more hassle free for me as the pf office will have to get the claim form verification shall be done by pf office with the employer?
    Also do you have any idea when this facility is expected to begin (tentatively)?

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Yes Mr Aditya
      Online EPF transfer will can save you from the tantrums of employers. While this is very useful facility, EPFO is very slow in implementing this. I hope that this service will sart in this financial year.


    I had left my job in Feb’13.
    Earlier in Mar’12 my employer had changed the PF office from West Bengal to Jharkhand and accordingly had taken my signature on the transfer form.
    But as on date my PF amount is with West Bengal office (up to Mar’12) and a separate PF amount with Jharkhand office (from Apr’12 to Feb’13).
    Interest on PF amount for 2012-2013 does not appear any where.
    Please let me know how can I merge both PF and withdraw them.
    Also please let me know the status of online PF transfer/withdrawal.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Sanjay
      In your case there may be that your pf account could not be transferred yet. Talk to your HR department and if required fill the transfer form again. Interest is calculated at the end of financial year. This calculation usually reflects after 30 September. So wait some more days. Online transfer and withdrawal may take 2-4 months more.

  • mobin shaikh

    mobin shaikh
    hi chandrakant
    i have heard about the online provident fund withdrawal with in 3 days process. so can you help me with this process or can you tell me is there any such process is there in present..
    thank you

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Mobin
      You have heard correct. Online transfer promises to complete the process in three days. But unfortunately it has not been started yet. It may take another 2-4 months.

  • Sushil Porwal

    Hi Chandrakant,
    I wanted to check my pf balance. But the site shows its invalid. PF No. on my payslip is 19 digit alphanumeric. I think it should have been shorter than this. How can i find my real PF No.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi sushil
      You must have correct pf number. there are also 5 column to fill while getting PF balance
      First coulmn – 2 characters (it will be filled itself as you must have chosen the state)
      Second coulmn – 3 character of your city/area (it should be prefilled as you must have chosen the epf office)
      Third coulmn – 7 characters (it is your establishment code)
      fourth coulmn – 3 characters
      fifth column – 4 characters

      you can also get the first 15 characters of PF number from this link by searching your employer.

  • pankaj

    hiiii i want to withdraw my pf amt online now it is possible or not????

    • Anonymous

      No. Not yet.No one have any idea how many days it may take. You can better apply it through your previous company thru normal process

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Pankaj
      It is not possible yet.

  • Anonymous

    How many days required for payment process

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Till now it takes one month.

  • Jwala Prashad

    Dear sir
    how can apply epfo online please help me.

    • Prathap Reddy

      EPFO has not yet launched the online facility. Even EPFO is not sure about when they are going to make this happen.

      I believe it is loss to EPFO if they make online & hassle free of PF (transfer and withdrawal) process,
      Because of manual procedure followed now, most of us leave our PF money in PF accounts (without withdrawing or transferring) after changing job, this money (hundreds of crores) eventually lies in the account of EPFO unattended.

      which is what they wanted,

      scenarios where even small amounts piles upto CRORES

      1) if employee works for a company for 4-6 months and absconds (for without serving notice period) and leaves PF money in account itself (cuz he absconds, he cant go back to HR for PF) :: thousands of such cases ….

      2) Guys dont follow up for transfer (since manual procedure is not cake buy), most of us think ok, let it go….

      3) companies dont co-ordinate well with people who have resigned ( this happens in most cases)

      4) other disputes…….& rules & regulations



      Is there any way or rule for Not opting for PF while joining company?, is it must & mandatory to have PF while joining any company?

      • Prathap Reddy

        If my salary (basic + DA) is more than Rs. 6500 /-, then do i have a choice not to opt for PF account while joining company ??

        • Chandrakant Mishra

          Yes Prathap, You can opt out of PF account while joining company. Tell the HR in beginning.

      • Chandrakant Mishra

        True Pratap. It happens often.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Dear Jwala ji. It is not started yet. Hopefully it will start this year.


    I had downloaded my e-pass book.
    But when I want to know my PF balance on the net, message shows “no data found for this PF number” , how it is possible ?


    Hello Mr Mishra
    Again the same question ask by many, “Is there any news for online pf settlement process”

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      No Farman. We are waiting.

  • Kumar

    what is the current procedure for new employee for registering in PF, as i heard that , form 5 is not required we can do online. How to do this 1.


    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Yes it is going to be online. But it is the responsibility of your employer.

      • Kumar

        Ok sir . Then i should submit the form 5 in pf department every month? what are the forms to submit monthly half yearly, what are my responsibilities under PF?

        Thank you for you quick reply sir.

        • Chandrakant Mishra

          Hi Kumar
          Let me clarify that it is the responsibility of the employer to collect PF of their employees and submit to the PF office regularly. Employee do not play any role in this. employee come in the scenario at the time of transfer and withdrawal. If you are a employee you should relax now. For your satisfaction you can check your pf balance after some months.

  • Sagar

    Hi Mishra,

    Thank you for helping people through your blogs and posts. I was an ex-employee in India, and currently a student in US.. I want to withdraw my PF.. Should I go with the manual process Or wait for online system to be active.. I am confused.. What do you suggest.


    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Thanks Sagar.
      If you have left your Indian employer more than 3 years ago then you should not wait for online process because in that case you loose the interest on your amount. Else you can wait for online process because it would be hassle free.

      • Roshan

        Hi Mr. Chandrakant

        Please can u tell the interview questions related to PF & ESI. I have interview next week. Please reply ASAP

      • Sagar

        Thanks Mishra.. I resigned from work an year ago.. August 2012. I am studying since then.. I am not in hurry to withdraw, but would need it in another 4 months.. Given this scenario, My understanding is I can wait for online system to be implemented as it is hassle free.. Is that right..

        • Chandrakant Mishra

          Yes Sagar. I think you can wait one month for online system.If it would not be ready till then, you can go for offline system.

    • praveen

      Its better to go manual process, If it is emergency for you. online service not yet started , Don’t know the exact date also.

  • Suresh

    Hi, i was surprised to see that, when i downloaded the e-passbook, it was showing some other person;s name and it showed settled account. Please suggest me whom to contact to resolve this issue. Thanks in Advance

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Suresh
      Check your pf number again . It may be that you are viewing somone else account. If not contact to regional PF commissioner office as well as your employer’s HR department.

  • Anonymous

    how can i know the current balance (Up to date)

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Again EPFO normally do not provide uo to date balance. it gives for the financial year.

  • Manasi

    Hi, while trying to log into the EPFO website for transfer of my earlier PF balance, it says ‘User name and password for this portal is same which is used in ECR portal by the establishments and accordingly may be used with high diligence’.
    I am unable to udnerstand what this means. COuld you help? Whose user name and password should one use?

    • Chandrakant Mishra


      Please if you look it thoroughly then you will realize that above log in page is for employer. Online transfer by members is not started yet.

  • sandeep

    such pitty on the gov offlcials being pay by taxes collected by us, but are not ready to help us, trying there number from one week no one answers the calls. how can we get to know when this online stuff will be active

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      No Idea Sandeep. This is how our country and EPFO works. Have patience.

  • Anonymous

    sir how can apply epfo online please help me

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Yes Nishant. I am also waiting.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      It is not activated yet, Sir

  • Anonymous

    i hope EPFO wont turn out to be Biggest scam of this country..

  • Manish

    Hello Mr. Mishra,

    I had transferred my PF fund from my one of my previous organization to another one in 2009. Now I have changed to another organization and wanted to transfer the combined fund to the current one.

    Now when I check the statement of the earlier PF from EPFO website it does not reflect the transfer whereas after checking from local PF office I have come to know that the amount was successfully transferred 23/05/2012. Now should I go ahead with the transfer hoping that all the amount would get transferred or go as per the statement which does not reflect the fund being transferred even today?

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Check thoroughly your previous balance should be there under the head of transfer. Also you can use know your EPF balance facility of epfo. After this you should go for the transfer.

  • Anil

    I have two inactive PF accounts from different employers and now I am planing to withdraw my PF. Am I supposed to merge these 2 accounts into one(to showcase my total employment of more than 5 years) and then withdraw or should I withdraw from both individually. I worked in 1 organization for 6 years and another for just 7 months, I hope the EPFO will not tax me on my PF from the second establishment.

    Please guide.

    • Anil

      Just to add that I am no more employed with any organization in India. Please advise.


      • Chandrakant Mishra

        Hello Anil
        You should first transfer your amount from earlier account to recent one. After the completion of this process you should withdraw the money. By this you can avoid the tax.

        • Anil

          Thanks Mr. Mishra, your help is very much appreciated. You are doing a fantabulous work by helping people.

          One last question, does transfer of PF mandate that the person should be working with an organization or they really don’t need authorization from the both employers(as I am employed with none)? Do I still need to go via the offline/paper mode or is the online EPF transfer process going to be available in the near future?

          • Chandrakant Mishra

            For transfer it does not matter that you are currently working with both the employer. Employees use this facility to club their amount and tenure. If you are not in hurry you can wait for few more months. EPFO is working on online process however they are slow. I assume that the will be able to start this facility at least in this financial year.

  • sachin gupta

    I left the last company on 31/12/2012 but company dit not give clearance .I want to withdraw my PF amount .Pls give me the intructions to withdraw that PF amount.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Sachin
      Employer can not hold your epf. It is your money with EPFO. You can initiate your withdrawal or transfer process yourself. If you employed elsewhere you should transfer this. Wait for online transfer process you would easily get transferred your amount.

  • Akash M Abnave



    • Chandrakant Mishra

      If you have left your previous job not before than 3 years then you can wait for online transfer. Otherwise you should start offline transfer process, As EPFO do not give Interest to inoperative account which has been inactive for 3 years.

  • Nitin

    Hi Sharmaji,

    I am from Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

    i worked for 4 years in a company and for 1 year in another.

    Did not withdrew any pf yet.

    Got my pf e passbooks for both pf accounts from the EPF member portal.

    Now the question is ‘what all documents will be required for the online epf withdrawal process and in what form like scan copies or hard copies.

    Please guide.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      You don,t need any copies for online transfer. Your employer will verify your account. But I advise not to withdraw your money. Transfer your epf account to new one. It is not a tedious process. Till today online transfer not started, you can take the offline route give the filled form to your new employer, it will do the rest of transfer procedure. Within one month your epf will be transferred in new account.

      • ranjan

        dear chanrakant ji,

        i want to withdrawal my pf account. what is the processor and shall i done this by online or manually. if it should done by only then please advise us how it will done.

        one more think after regained my job when i will apply for withdrawal my pf.

        please help us yaar.

        • Chandrakant Mishra

          रंजन जी
          अगर आपने नौकरी छोड़ दी है और उसका पैसा तुरंत निकालना चाहते हैं तो ऑफलाइन तरीके से फॉर्म भर दीजिए। अगर नई नौकरी मिल गई है तो आपको पैसे निकालने के बजाय उसे ट्रांसफर करा लेना चाहिए। इसके लिए भी आपको फॉर्म भरना होगा। ऑनलाइऩ तरीके से ट्रांसफर करने या फिर पैसा निकालने के लिए आपको कुछ महीने का इंतजार करना पड़ सकता है।

          आपका चंद्रकांत

  • Natasha


    I have worked with several companies but didn’t not know that i can keep one Pf acc no for all the companies. now i regret. as now i am not working thinking of all the money to gather. Can any body suggest if there’s any place i can get my PF nos from or do i need to go to check in all my previous companies.


    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Natasha
      Unfortunately you have to ask your number to the previous employers. Also if you have salary slips then check those normally it has PF number.

  • Sanjeev Chanalya

    I tried to go to the given epf website (, but not getting any options to apply for it. Is this website fully functional now or not??

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Sanjeev online transfer is not functional till now. Wait for some days.

  • Nazish

    Sir, the scheme for online transfer of PF fund was to start from 15th aug !!! is that a process now or will it take some more time ? Please can you help me with that ?

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      I know if you are in hurry you should not wait for online transfer. It may take even months to start this facility for everyone as the history of EPFO suggests. Meantime you can apply offline.

  • bharatkumarreddy t

    sir i worked in private company worked for 24 months, can i apply it now

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      As far as the start of online facility nothing can be said definitely. I think for that you may have to wait for more than a month. You can transfer or withdraw your PF amount even of one month contribution.

      • bharatkumarreddy t

        sir, how many days(exactly) will it take to withdraw amount,please say the fastest withdrawal process

        • Chandrakant Mishra

          It is government office how can I say the exact duration. According to EPFO itself 88% application is processed within a month. Now you must assume for at least a month.

  • Pande

    Hello Mishraji,

    Nice and informative article. just 2 queries
    1. What can be average time for transfer? I know it will be dependent on both firms but still if we consider that company will give approval in 2 days then?
    2. If transfer from dormant account is possible?

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hello Desh Pande ji

      1. Realistically it should be seven working days. Give 2-4 days to employers and 2-3 days to EPFO. 1-2 days may be wasted on timing of application.
      2. Transfer of dormant/inoperative account is possible.


  • Sunil Gunjal

    Hi Mishraji,

    I have not withdraw PF from my previous company after changing job now that account old more than 3 year.Can I transfer that PF to my current Account?
    please suggest.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Hi Sunil

      Of course you can transfer your PF account after 3 years.

  • Nishanth

    New reports says:

    “EPFO will conduct a live testing of service from Monday onwards whereby workers of some selected establishments will be allowed to file their transfer claims online”
    Online transfer of PF accounts service in last week of August

    Hope this time it won’t change.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Yes Nishanth, Let us see. lots of people are waiting for this service.


    Pl. let me know the link for the online EPF transfer website.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Online transfer is not implemented yet. Whenever it will be activated I would inform you.

      • Chandrakant Mishra

        Hi Sanjay
        This facility is active now. Please go ahead and share your experience here.

  • chandan Dey

    Can anyone please tell me how I can withdraw my P.F amount through online and truely from when as I have resigned from my Job.

    • Nishanth


      Online system is not yet live, they had given 15th August to be the date but as usual..nothing yet.

      • Chandrakant Mishra

        Yes Nishant

        I am also waiting. Now I think we should not rely on the given dates of EPFO.

    • Chandrakant Mishra


      After Two month of your resignation you can apply for withdrawal. Online facility is not started yet.

  • Anuj Pun

    Hi I left my job last oct 2012 and till now i am unemployed and in this meantime i had very hard time last company i worked for 17 months now i want to with draw my pf, so is it possible for me to withdraw it. Pls suggest.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Of course Anuj. You can withdraw your PF account. Fill the form and Go to your previous employer’s HR. They will forward your application. Online facility will also start soon, you can take advantage of that also.

  • Chandrakant Mishra

    I don’t have an idea about this. If you get to know then please let me know also. Thanks

  • sunil h


    I worked for 3+ years in my previous company. Am eligible to withdraw my PF? pls suggest.

    • Chandrakant Mishra


      If PF is deducted from your salary for a month only then you can withdraw it after quitting job. But if you are switching the job then you must transfer it to build a handsome corpus.

  • sanjay

    I had applied for transfer of my epf account from previous to new account since last 2009 serveral time I had submitted form 13 form 5 and form 10 but every time my form rejected I just want to now as to what other supporting is required along with form 13 nextly in form 13 there is option of form attest either by previous or present employee than why it is asked for attest of both employees nextly why leave record is required. pls reply exactly what supporting is required along with form 13

  • Sachin

    So what do you recommend ?? I need to withdraw my PF of older company… Do I wait for online process or I continue manually ? Seeing that they are planning to launch online facility, I was thinking of waiting but actually I am in need of amount after 1 to 1.5 month

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      I think you should initiate offline process. Online facility not started yet. it may again postponed. Also there may be some technical hitch. EPFO Works like this only.

  • Sachin

    Hi ChandraKant

    If suppose the online withdrawl link gets active by August end or so then How long will it take to get the PF amount into our respective bank accounts ? I mean , Will this online service only surpass the paperwork or the time span of getting the amount will also be short ?

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Both will Happen. According To EPFO in 80% cases it processes the EPF transfer and withdrawal within 30 days. With the start of online service this will come down to 3 days. But lets not be too optimistic, I think it should complete the process in a week.

  • UC

    Thanks for nice information.
    If any one would like to withdraw from the EPF account (All amount) then does he get amount which are diverted to pension fund along with employee & employer share (in EPF account)? If yes then are there any forms to submit?

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Yes you will get the pension fund also if your epfo account is less than 10 years old. If you have completed 10 years of the service then you are eligible for Pension not the lump sum amount. To withdraw the pension amount you have to submit form-10.

  • Thirupathi

    can some pls. let me know the link for the online EPF transfer website. Today is August 7th but when i searched for this in EPF site, i didnt find anything new.

    Please help……

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Wait for 15th August. EPFO has given this date now. let us see will it be able to implement online transfer on this date. They have very good excuse that employer are not providing their digital signatures.

  • Anonymous

    My previous employer is not going to give NOC for PF, as I didn’t serve the whole bond period i had signed, can I withdraw the amount? If yes, how?

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      You can get your EPF amount. Visit this link of Jagoinvestor

  • Anonymous


  • udaybhan

    will start by 15 August

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Sure Nishant

  • Anonymous

    Today is 1st August,2013. Does anyone know if online mode of PF transfer is in place.

  • Anonymous

    can i withdraw my pf amount this working priord i have completed 6 year job now also working can i withdraw some amount of my pf account pls suggest

  • Bikash Agarwal

    Dear Mr. Mishra,

    Thanks for the nice information. This will be of great help.

    Can you also let me know about the process for transfer of pension amount?

    Bikash Agarwal

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Dear Mr Agarwal

      Thanks for encouragement

      if you are referring employee pension scheme amount (EPS) then there is no separate process of transferring it. it get transferred with EPF. If you want to withdraw the pension amount then you have to fill the separate form.

  • Manoj mandal

    can somebody pls. let me know the link for the online EPF transfer website. Today is July 7th but when i searched for this in EPF site, i didnt find anything new.

    Please help……

  • Chandrakant Mishra

    Yes Sir, Many of us suffering due to unprofessional behaviour of EPFO. Will Inform You whenever online facility start working.

  • Anonymous

    Indeed, they should just need to hire technology experts in developing smarter financial IT systems inside there belt. as simple as that. It will be 360 degree clear for all the parties, the employee/employer and the EPFO organization.

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Of course it not such a tough task. Everyone else is doing this since many years. But EPFO is making records for not doing the proper things. Disappointing !

  • Guru

    can some pls. let me know the link for the online EPF transfer website. Today is July 1st but when i searched for this in EPF site, i didnt find anything new.

    Please help……

  • Manoj Agrawal

    It will be a great relief!!! Can’t wait to have unique PF number and avoid transfer hassles. It should have been done long back though, it is a very simple matter. Isn’t it?

    • Chandrakant Mishra

      Yes Manoj, Actually the pace of EPFO is surprising. In banking we can transfer money to anyone in a day. Then why should EPFO should take such a long time and hassle to withdraw our money. There are lot of things to be done.

      • chetan

        can you tell me how much time epf take in processing a case ….from the date of form submission for withdrawal of epf money.

        • Chandrakant Mishra

          Hi Chetan
          It takes approx one month now.

      • aadi

        thanks lot of thanks for given more information for all